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Showing posts with label Ozeri Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Grinder #Ozeri #PepperGrinder #PepperCorns. Show all posts

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ozeri Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Grinder #Ozeri #PepperGrinder #PepperCorns

Review Ozeri Graviti Pro Electric Pepper Grinder: 

Great idea for one handed seasoning with this Ozeri gravity pro pepper mill grinder. has a light in it, refill compartment for peppercorns, or Himalayan salts, grind fine to medium etc. Come complete with four batteries, Also has a nice flow and makes cooking easier because you only need one hand to add a bit of fresh pepper to the your meal. So simple and easy to use, especially when you are busy in the kitchen, and if you are using a recipe to follow, makes it that much easier than having to grind pepper corns by hand, just requires flipping it over and it grinds the pepper corns perfectly. 
I appreciate how easy it is to see and fill from the top and the motor is strong enough to get the job done, Nice  stylish design. 
Battery change is easy. I will say the pepper corn container is a bit of a hassle to fill it up. But all and all it will get the job done. once you master how to take it apart and refill it, It will be much easier for you. 
But as far as how long the batteries will last, I don't know that answer as of yet, I just started using it daily in my kitchen. I am assuming it depends on how much you use it. The Ozeri Graviti Pro is ergonomically designed and gravity operated. All you need to do is flip the mill upside down and, voila, perfect pepper. An additional benefit of such minimal effort is zero hand strain involved in the process, takes the wrist work out of pepper grinding thanks to the battery-operated push button operation, for instant seasoning satisfaction!! and that is always a plus when using a grinder, I will say the casing is rather flimsy, that could have been made a bit better. and the pepper container could have been a bit bigger,  But overall it does work and has a nice sleek design. 

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