Saturday, June 20, 2015

Win Shoe Stretchers and Heel Rescue FootCream @PROFOOT_Inc

Shoe Stretchers

Expand your shoes You know how you hate to wear tight shoes!! This pretty much takes the place of the wooden large shoe stretchers!! Well, sort of :) the concept is the same. The benefits is NO more tight shoes. Those bunion will be less painful if you have more toe room for your feet. I like the way these work. You control how much width you need to stretch your shoes out. Place it in overnight. And turn the thumb wheel. Easy peasy to use. And tuck them away in their little drawstring pouch. And they will be ready for the next shoes. Fabulous idea. You will love them. Make every shoe more comfortable with PROFOOT shoe Stretchers. The unique, innovative design includes an easy-grip thumb wheel - so you can easily and evenly expand any tight-fitting shoes. One night with Shoe stretchers and your shoes will be instantly more comfortable.
Shoe Stretchers are the perfect aid for wide feet, bunions, corns and blisters. Ideal for breaking in new shoes too, Shoe Stretchers give you that perfect fit.
  • Stretches shoes to stop the pinch
  • Instant bunion relief
  • Easy-grip thumb wheel 

Heel Rescue Foot Cream

Everyone getting there Summer stuff ready for the Hot summer months!! Don't forget about your feet!! They been locked up in closed shoes all winter long!! Time to get them looking amazing for Summer Sandal weather!! and has you covered in that department! When using Your daily moisturizing routine shouldn't just be for your face and hands!!  your feet need some love too. The Heel Rescue Foot Cream is specially formulated to penetrate, moisturize, and repair even the toughest cracks and callouses. And the non-greasy formula will leave you feet feeling soft, silky-smooth, and revitalized.
Non-greasy Contains antioxidant-rich Argan oil Fragrance free

You can win these two Amazing products!!
Profoot Is just what you need to get those feet ready for the summer hot months xoxo 
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