Please, let us introduce you to this amazing skincare company the that delivers a spa like experience every time... while using this Oxygen facial device!
The NowMi treatment is an advanced facial treatment that performs 4 actions simultaneously- skin exfoliation, nourishment, oxygenation and protection. The treatment can be carried out in 5 minutes using a comfortable and easy to use home device.
the photo was taken outside, I don't wear foundations on my face, so you can see the nice glow
that the gave my skin

This is a three in one device, you clean your skin first with the nowmi-pro NowMi - will give you beautiful Smooth radiate glowing skin.
With the technology of the 4 in I treatment of exfoliating the dead skin cells, to the nourishment treatment, vitamin C oxygenation and protection.. 
The NowMi Pro device is a home based sonic anti-aging vitamin C oxygen facial device. The device is multi-functional: it is used for daily sonic facial skin cleansing, and weekly spa quality anti-aging oxygen facials. The treatment has been clinically proven to increase facial skin smoothness for healthy, younger looking skin.

Special Offer:  Buy now a NowMi Pro Kit from the inventor of OxyGeneo and receive Free of Charge a NowMi refill kit (valued at $99) that will give 3 extra months vitamin C oxygen facial treatments at home

As you well know, the moment those wrinkles and fine lines creep in we all start running for anti aging creams and serum etc.. hoping to erase them all, just as soon as possible. Well, the fact of the matter is all those aging sign on our face and neck, do need special attention, By using all natural healthy ingredients. Is a Win! Win! Not to mention how good your skin will look and feel, the youthful skin is back. If you share our passion for natural skin care and are in the market for products that contain no artificial additives, fragrances and are100% pure and paraben free, take a look at some of the items They have to offer. OK my thoughts on this skincare line and devise...
I have been trying it out for week now, I like it a lot I really like how it gave my skin that needed radiant glow to my winter skin, I also the tone and texture of my skin felt amazing.
There also is something about using a handheld silicone facial machine... I mean seriously on this blog, we have tried out, lets just say our fair share of skincare facial devices.
From the brush types to silicone. We all really see a difference in using silicone facial machine...they are also resistant to bacteria..
And in our opinions a lot more gentle on your skin, but very effective.
Now having an oxygenated vitamin C facial once a week! Certainly will put you in la la land... your skin is going to love it... It’s so easy to use.
This facial machine comes complete with everything you will need to achieve baby soft skin. Super for all anti-aging needs. Charge it, use it everyday to cleanse your face and neck, décolleté.
Then oxygenated with the Vitamin C tablet once a week... Your skin will be so radiant and feel baby soft and healthy.
The ingredients they use are pure and natural, and We are all about using natural products on the delicate skin. for that matter I believe everyone no matter of your age needs to take good care of your skin... no artificial additives No Fragrance Paraben free very Eco Friendly. Every girl needs a nowmi facial device.
Especially with the dry winter skin.. you will want to make sure all the skincare products you use.. seep into your skin. So that is why exfoliating the dead skin away  is important, plus using Vitamin C oxygenated device will start to slough off the dry skin and you will be left with touchable soft luxurious radiant skin. Oh heck yea!!

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  1. No, I have never used a device like this before. It looks so nice!

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    —Ann (L.....B@yahoo)

  2. I have never used one before but I think my skin is craving it.

  3. I shared here
    no i have never use this before

  4. Wow - this looks like a really skin rejuvenating device and would love to try. Shared on Twitter:

  5. I've never used a device like this but I certainly would like to try one. Thank you for the chance at this giveaway.

    I shared on Pinterest:

  6. I shared on Pinterest: Not only have I never used a device like this, but never even heard of it before. LOVE learning about new products, thanks, Marjorie!

  7. I have never used one of these and it looks incredible! Shared on my facebook too.

  8. I never have used anything like this. I am a huge fan of quality skincare and I think I could really benefit from this. I shared here. Have a great week!

  9. I have never used one of these machines before, but it sounds amazing! The winter cold weather dries my skin out terribly, and combined with the signs of aging my skin could definitely use some help. I shared on pinterest

  10. Article was really good thanks for the Information! nallennai oil is also known as gingelly oil. It is highly nourishing, healing and lubricating. Other than being used as a flavor enhancing cooking oil. you can try with this oil next time

  11. Seems like a great anti-aging skin rejuvenation technique. Shared with my family and on facebook.

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    Great giveaway,thanks for the chance. I have never used an oxygenation Vitamin C Device

  13. I haven't used an oxygenation Vitamin C Device yet.

  14. Wow it seems great anti-aging skin rejuvenation technique article. thanks for sharing


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