Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eat Smart Pro Kitchen Scale

EAT SMART PRO KITCHEN SCALE, This a Calorie Counting Scale, Over all it seems to be very accurate in it's reading. Your Eat Smart Precision Pro Comes With The Following: Calorie Factor and Instruction Booklet 2AAA Batteries 2 Year Eat Smart Guarantee The EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is an economically priced multifunction home scale, perfect for everyday tasks from weighing food or ingredients to calculating postage. Along with our Precision Pro, you will also receive a FREE Calorie Factors Book making it easy to achieve goals such as portion control and calorie counting. COLORS, RED, WHITE, SILVER, BLACK CHROME, WHITE CHROME, Scale is made of plastic and at first glance doesn't seem very sturdy, But after using it. It seems to be very Sturdy And I must say very lite weight. Doesn't take up much room either, Would work find for small kitchen as well as larger kitchens, Come in Fabulous colors as mentioned above, I had to laugh when I received this EAT SMART PRO KITCHEN SCALE from the company. They send me the red color That's actually more along the lines of a Burgundy color.That by the way is the color of all my appliance in my kitchen, Eat Smart, How did you know ? lol It measures in 4 different unit types, Also a build in memory called TARE, Price point on this scale is very reasonable for what you are getting with this compact little scale. Packs a lot of info for those watching your calorie in take. No special programming or setup is required, Its very easy to read, Has very large numbers. Basically you will just need a hard flat surface. Like your kitchen counters, An Kitchen island. Anything that's flat will do. For the scale can give you an accurate measurement that way. Its very self explanatory for using, Your basic turn it on, Place what ever you want to measure in the center of the scale. The weight of your item will appear in the bottom with the large numbers. The scale has four measurements, Grams, Kilograms, Ounces, Pounds, You can switch back and forth with the UNIT button.The other nice feature on this is whats called the TARE FUNCTION, It allows you to turn the scale to zero at any time, enabling you to subtract the weight of a plate or you can also use the TARE FUNCTION To weigh multiple items in a row. So as you can see EAT SMART PRO KITCHEN SCALE is very useful in many different ways. Has a lot of useful feature to it, Like has three minutes time out the scale will reset each time a new item is placed on the scale, So that way you never lose a weight of what you are measuring, That's a plus right there, Its comes with a Guide to Calorie Counting, I personally thought this would be very helpful for whoever is using the scale, Because it allow you to easily calculate the calories content in an individual portion of thousands of variety of foods. Clean up for this scale is easy, Clean with a damp cloth, Like a microfiber cloth would work fine. Anything that soft will do, Because it is made from plastic, You don't want any abrasive cleaners on it. And never place it in water, Or you can kiss the scale goodbye NO WATER. Another thing if you are not planing to use your scale in a three months or longer. You will need to remove the batteries then, Hello common sense there. But I know once you buy this scale you wont have to worry about the three month removing batteries, Because this scale will be your best friend if you are watching your calorie intake. Its a fabulous little Calorie counter.So this is my opinion of this inexpensive little EAT SMART PRO KITCHEN SCALE. I would for sure be jumping on their web site and buying one. For the money you cant go wrong. Here is their Web info, Find this scale for purchase and more info on these sites.

  1. Compact Design and Easy Two-Button Operation
  2. Tare Feature; Subtract the weight of any plate or container
  3. 4 Measurement Modes: Grams / Ounces / Kilograms / Pounds
  4. Max Weight: 11 pounds / 5 kilograms
  5. Graduation: .05 oz / 1 gram
  6. 3 minute Auto-Turnoff
  7. Includes 2 AAA batteries    

    EatSmart™ Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale 

    The EatSmart Nutrition Scale analyzes the nutritional content of ANY food (labeled and unlabeled) by portion size. The database stores the nutritional values for approximately 1,000 foods, which have been carefully selected to reflect fresh, whole foods Americans eat.

    The EatSmart Nutrition Scale is useful for people striving to control their weight, and for others who simply wish to maintain optimum health by monitoring and balancing their daily nutritional intake of calories, fats and proteins. If you're ready to make a serious commitment to improving your health by controlling your diet this scale can help you reach your goals—safely, sensibly and practically.

    1. Calculate Calories, Carbs, Fiber, Sodium, Fats, Vitamin K and Six other nutrients
    2. 44 Page Guidebook on maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
    3. Memory Mode – Keep track of your daily food intake save up to 99 entries for daily tracking
    4. 2 Measurement Modes: Grams (to nearest whole gram) / Ounces (to nearest .1 ounce)
    5. Max Weight: 11 pounds (5000 grams)
    6. Tare Feature; Subtract the weight of any plate or container
    7. 3 minute Auto-Turnoff
    8. Includes 4AAA batteries           
    Disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine. But this is my opinion of the Eat Smart Pro Kitchen Scale: