Monday, October 8, 2012

Mally Beauty

Drum roll please for this fabulous company, Mally Beauty, Well, That name says it all, OK before I get started here about the products I reviewed, I want to tell you about info.  

About Mally, Amazing how she got started and where she is today, Find more info here. 

Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is the perfect finishing touch for your makeup. This innovative technology creates a smooth, flawless finish and makes your makeup last. 
The Poreless Face Defender, Well, First I gave up powdering my face a long time ago, Because I always felt it looked to masking and caking on. And also I think that's true for a lot of women, You know when you see those women that have caked on so much powder it looks a mess, Come on you can relate to this right? I think we all have done it and seen it. Until along comes Mally Beauty Face Defender, You seriously will not see caking powder look, You delicate skin will love you for not smothering it with powder anymore. Its like once you try this product, You wont want to be with out it, I freaking love how fabulous soft my skin feels with Mally Poreless Face Defender, Don't you think its time to chuck the old powder look and check this one out, You will be happy you did, You can find it here. Also the sponge that comes with this sweet compact, Feels so silky soft, I really like how you just have to pat it on your face, When I looked at this product. I was like OMG, This is going to be interesting to try this product out. So glad I did and you will be to.

Mally's Ultimate Performance Inner Glow Blush is a unique multi-tasking system that combines beautiful, blendable color with a shaded setting powder. The subtle activating powder also doubles as a powder foundation. 

I really liked the idea of this compact, It has the foundation on the top and twist open the bottom half you have your blush. the brush double sided comes with this compact, Its a sweet nice soft pink color, The brush is nice and soft as well, I liked the color and it looked sun kissed, And the foundation worked very nice, I really found Mally Beauty line, To be fabulous, You can find more info here on this compact. It fits very nice in my purse, So you wont have a problem with taking it with you on the go 

Ginormous Mascara
Unique brush delivers maximum volume.
Ginormous Mascara will take your lashes to the next level with a new unique formula and applicator that will make your lashes go beyond enormous! Each applicator has a cut-out reservoir on each side that your lashes will be exposed to. Each lash will get an extra boost to achieve the fullest coverage and most volume possible. For super luminous lashes, apply one coat, let it dry, then apply a second coat. Repeat until you've got the lash look you love. 
Ok, The mascara was a fabulous one also. I also like that it doesn't look super caked on, Because another thing I don't like are my lashes to look like they have caked makeup that I slept in and never took of in the morning, And replied over the old, Not a pretty look ladies on any one, And trust me I see that a lot on women. Who think their lashes look fabulous, But seriously they take on the over caked look, Who wants that look, I didn't find that to happen with Mally Ginormous Mascara, I found it to perform very nice, One thing I would recommend is you do let coats dry in between each other, Find more info here about this mascara.  

And check her videos,  

I rate Mally beauty line 5 stars,