Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zipz Shoes Rock

Drum roll please, Have you heard of Zipz Shoes? Well if not sit back because you are in for a treat, Lets get started.
Some info about them

Design. Zip. Do it Again.
Company Overview
Zip open your mind to the revolution that is Zipz shoes! Zipz shoes are the world’s first and only interchangeable shoes! Our inventive and worldwide patented technology in both utility and design provides our customers the ability to interchange shoe components as they see fit. Whether its fashion, function, or fun Zipz shoes have it covered.

Users [we call them "Zipzsters"] simply zip off
and on COVERS [shoe tops] and SOULS [shoe bottoms] and create the shoe look they want to wear.

We've been compared to Converse and Vans, and we appreciate that comparison. But Zipz are original, and the ability to change your shoes like you change your mind is endless.

Design. Zip. Do it Again.
Change your shoes. Change yourself. Change your world. 

OK, Couldn't wait for these Zipz Shoes to get here, They looked cool and all of that, But I wanted to know how comfy they would feel after I wore them for a day, Well, I  spend the day going to the mall walking around all day, And you know how new shoes you sometimes get blisters from wearing them, Because you have to break them in. Not the case here Zipz Shoes gave me no blisters and no pain, They are very comfy, You know how you have those special shoes in your closet, Where they are worn in. But you cant depart with them because they are so freaking comfy to wear, Trust me that's the feeling you will get with this Zipz Shoes, They feel like they are made for your feet, Seriously I was so freaking amazed, How they felt. Like you where walking on a cloud, I love the idea behind these Zipz Shoes This company thought outside the normal box, Love that, These are the kind of genius ideas, You think Why didn't I think of this. lol They have many styles for Men, Women , Children, Calling all fashionista a must check these out ladies, I no my hubby like where mine, And my son going yea well do they come in sports logos, I told him I am sure in time they will have many coming with new designs and new materials, I cant wait to see the new Fabric materials, They currently come in canvas fabric, Now for me I freaking love mine in black, I change things up a lot, I will probably change shoe strings to leopard or other patterns, Depending on my outfit,  I most likely will add some bling to them, But that's just me, I do that with my purses my other shoes, Clothing sometimes, I hope they also come out with black bottoms and black zippers, How cool would that be? Time will tell, Change you shoes tops, Many styles to choose from. You can buy all new tops and have all new shoes, For any outfit, And easy to store, The tops are not going to take up much room at all, So that's another great thing about these shoes, Go check them out today, Hope to do future reviews for this company, xo

Many styles to choose from 

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Now don't wait jump on their web site and order yours today, You will love them, Oh and the company is so nice. I like nice company, 

*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.