Saturday, November 24, 2012

GIVEAWAY Whats your Ista

By now you are going, Whats my ista?I know but just check this T-shirt company out, Fabulous!

This is how this company got started, I will post the about info. When I started reading it I was like yea, Great idea. How cool is this idea to have your own personalised T-Shirt made for you, Right? I was super jazzed to get this comfy T-shirt and I love the color, And how the pink just pops, How freaking cute is the lipstick tube, I love it. They have many logo sayings, The T-shirt a nice soft style 100% cotton, I know I have already had people asking where I got my T-Shirt from, I am going to have to hit this company up for business cards. For I can pass out their info to all the people who have stop and ask me. WOM, I am a firm believer wearing the products sale the products. Ok the about info: 
Marlee is a school guidance counselor and a designer, who wants to save the world and make it more beautiful at the same time (peaceista). Amy is a special education teacher, who is a self-described word nerd (wordista or nerdista?) who loves the idea of creating new words with a clever sounding suffix. Between us, we have 5 children to put through college, I mean, who we are raising. Marlee and Amy have been friends since they met in the "transfer student" line at Clemson University in 1986. 

Our kids are tennisista, zombieista, spikeista, artista, and pizza-ista (which is just fun to say—try it).
How It All Started
Dig if you will this picture, over a glass or 2 of the house merlot, we lamented the current state of the economy and our husbands' job prospects. Someone said something like “Forget fashionista, I’m a recessionista.” Next thing you know, we are all throwing out other ista ideas. We got to thinking that it would be fun to create Ista T-shirts. 
Part of our mission is to be generous with others.  We know that many organizations have been suffering from a lack of donations. We know that passionate people like our customers will have their own pet charities.  We want our customers to suggest charities and we will donate a portion of our profits.  
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*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.
Now its your turn to win a whats your ista T-Shirt.
Ready set go, You will love them.
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