Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Skin System

One Skin System. A high performance 5-step holistic skin system that respects the health of your skin, your body and your planet. Purity fused with science. 

One Skin System

Our beautiful set of ONE Skin System products in our slimline travel purse.
Ideal for those wanting to trial or for those on the move!
This gorgeous purse includes cute 10ml sized:
  • Renewal Cleanse
  • Active C Scrub
  • Daily Hydrate Moisturiser
  • Vital Night Enfleurage
  • Custom compact mirror 
One Skin System

This is a very amazing skin care line. I have used many skin care lines before. But this is fused with the best ingredients. Just look how cute of a package it comes in. The airless pumps that hold the ingredients in. Is to me a fabulous way to keep the product from spilling over or squeezing to much product out. I really like this idea of these airless pumps, These women though of everything in this One skin system line. From having its own Organic Microfiber cloth and purse, Plus its own mirror. And love that it just scream out Clean with the white bag for carry this skin care line in. I love how they thought outside the normal box.With how they packaged their skin line. How they took in effect of the daily expose our skin takes in from daily pollutions in the air. How they used the finest healthy ingredients to keep your delicate skin from aging so fast. This skin line can be useful for all skin types. I am a firm believer you should always take care of your delicate skin you where born with. This skin care line called One Skin System, Has all you need to do that for your skin. You will love how a little goes a long ways. I can see this making a difference in my skin and I really been faithful on using this skin care line.
Renewal Cleanser, Can be used morning and night. You just need two pumps, A little goes a long ways. You can go here to read more about the product,

Active C Scrub, Is recommend to be used 2 to 3 times a week to build skin sensitivity, All you will need is a dime size. Activate with water and work it into a paste, And apply like any other scrub circular motions. Leave on for a few min and remove with warm cloth. Self explanatory, Find more about here, 

Daily Hydration, Apply 1 to 2 pumps active by rubbing on two fingers. Then massage into your delicate skin. More info here, 

Vital Night Regenerate, Wow, This product contain Retinol A, And if you know using Rentinol A, You should always avoid your skin to sun expose. But this is a night treatment. I don't have sun expose at night. So that's not an issue with me, Massage it into your skin, And please don't forget your neck and Decolletage. Aging starts their to. The magic of this product works at night when you are sleeping. That's when our cell regenerate. 
Find more about this product here.

Ultimate Vitamin Treatment,

Power of these three Australian Women from the same family, Well, I will let you read their story, I highly recommend you taking the time to read their story.  

ONE Beginning
It began with the discovery of an ageless precious oil – an “Enfleurage”
Enfleurage originated in France and is an ancient, time laboured method of distilling elusive floral scents and key molecules from botanical matter.
Botanicals are infused with precious oils to extract the vital life energy of the plant and reveal their natural therapeutic power. Phytonutrients are ethically obtained in their purest most active form and not just added from a test tube.
This method of extracting the pure life source & living essence of plants and extracts created the basis of what is now the ONE skin system range.Fusing this concept with uniquely powerful ingredients and superfoods from the pristine Australian environment forms our simple skincare system.
The power of three Australian women from the same family combined their passions of health and consciousness of the planet to produce a highly effective, result driven, organic skincare system with ethical formulations and real science.

ONE Skin System – Purity fused with science®

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*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.