Friday, November 30, 2012

Paper Star Lantern

OK, These have to be the coolest Star Lantern I have seen, Made in India and made by hand using earth friendly material, The fact that they are hand made and hand punched, cut, glued by hand is amazing. I love hand made stuff. And these are very nicely crafted together by human hands. They have like a stain glass look to them when lit,  Hand made and very easy to set up. All the stuff you need comes in the bag. Only thing that doesn't come in the bag is your light bulb. I bought the 40W Mini spiral energy smart 
Just check them out, My camera didn't capture the beauty of these, But trust me they are fabulous looking. I will have to find a better way to hang them, Possible run some flowers around the cord or something I will think of something, But for the picture purpose you will get the idea. 

Now I highly recommend you try this company Paper Star Lantern

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