Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cool Canuck Cooling Towel

Posted: 16 Oct 2012 11:50 AM PDT
This company has a cool idea behind these cooling products, I tested out the cooling Towel, Before I get into my review, Lets Kick back and learn a little about this Cooling towel company called Cool Canuck:

Cool Canuck


Visit us at to view our towels, clothing, and accessories! Perfect for active runners, bikers, golfers, and much more uses!
To provide performance apparel that meets or exceeds the users expectations.
Company Overview
A performance apparel and accessories company. We incorporate the use of water, thermoregulation, moisture wicking and moisture transport to provide an instant cooling effect in all our products. 

OK, Here The beauty of this cooling towel, Now first of all I have done other cooling products, But what I liked about this Cool Canuck company, Is The feel of the cooling towel is very soft to the touch.Plus the technology behind this cooling towel, Is very amazing, Other cooling towels seem to be heavy when wet, And when they dry they are stiff, Unlike this Cool Canuck Towel, It stays soft when wet or dry. So when you wet it down, Wring it out, And snap it to active the cooling, Its amazing to me how fast it cools as soon as you snap the towel a few time. The effects of the towel seems to stay cool for a long time. And when it feels like it needs more cooling. Just wet it down and snap it again. The snapping is what sets off the cooling to cool you down after you wet the towel. I must say that's one of the benefits I liked compared to the others out there, I like that its soft and not heavy feeling, It doesn't have the feeling of it has weight in it. That was one of the draw backs. I had after using other cooling towels, Was how many layers the other products had, I like the fact that I can put this around my neck and shoulder, Without it feeling to heavy, As far has cooling you down on those hot days, This towel can be used for many purposes, From sports, To just being outside in the heat, To women who have hot flashes, To cooling the body down from a fever, There are so many reason to buy yourself one of these. I would have liked to test out some of their other products, To get the idea of cooling t-shirts to their accessories etc. So I don't have info to give you on those products, But the towel I tested I recommend it. Because others I have tried kinda gave me a neck ache from the heaviness of it, This Cool Canuck, You wont have that issue. The only one thing I wished it had come with is a caring little bag to put the towel in when not using it. And I also would have love to see their logo on it. I am a firm believer logos on T-shirts or items Promote the companies products. All who know me and follow my blog knows I promote a lot for companies. By wearing their products, WOM baby, It works. It can be use for cold days as well as hot day, Self explanatory direction.
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And for more info about the technology behind how it works, Is here
How the Technology works:  The fabric is engineered with a unique variety of fibres that when structured in a designed way creates a series of high density capillary networks. These networks allow the water molecules to be absorbed deep into the fabric core and hydraulically compress into the voids within the fibres. These voids create an orientation of the water molecules in such away that when the product is activated (snapped or air movement) it allows for maximum evaporative cooling to take place. At the same time, because of the uniqueness of the combination of different fibres and their reaction to one another, the suppression of water loss by evaporation (high absorption and wicking simultaneously) suspends the water within the fibres of the fabric for an extended period of time.

You should be jumping on their web site, Because hands down. I freaking love these Cooling Towel. Better than I though I would, Cant tell you how many time I have already used it. Its fabulous!
Here there clothing page, Love it  


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There are benefit for using it all year round from cold to heat, Made USA 

Our 15"x25" Gym Towel is very well suited for keeping people cool while working out at the gym.  It also happens to be a towel golfers carry in their bag for when the heat becomes unbearable and it's great for the pool or beach.  The plush texture of a dry towel also works well for cleaning your eye wear!
The fabric will absorb a reasonable amount of water without feeling wet to the touch.  Cooling will typically last 2-3 hours.  Occasionally a towel will need to be re-activated by re-snapping or re-wetting. Cooling Towels are made from a single-ply fabric that uses multi-fiber construction with no chemicals, phase change materials or polymers. To activate the fabric, simply wet it, wring it, snap it!  
  • CoolCore technology
  • Reduces ambient temperature by 20-30%
  • 50+ UPF protection
  • Machine wash, no fabric softener
  • Made in Canada and the USA 

*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.