Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jellybean Rug

Indoor / outdoor Rug  
OK Here some info first about this great indoor / outdoor Machine washable rug : 

Product Description

"...washes better than your jeans."

Indoor/Outdoor, Machine Washable Accent Rug
© Debi Hiron
Size: 23" X 44"
- 1/4" thick

Forget those boring, plain mats that somehow seem to attract all the dirt in your house. Jellybean™ rugs are bright, fun, and colorful! All Jellybean rugs are machine washable! When something is spilled on a Jellybean™ it lives up to it's famous tag line; "washes better than your jeans"! Throw your Jellybean™ in the wash and watch it come out good as new! The beautiful and bright colors were made to last through many, many washes. Even outdoors on your porch or patio, your Jellybean rug will stand up to heat, cold, and won't fade in the sunlight. They are just as at home outside as they are inside your home! There is a Jellybean rug for everyone, so feel free to buy for yourself, your friends, your family, anyone! Even kids love Jellybean rugs, too! They are also perfect for pets. Slide one under the litter box, pet food and water bowls, your pet's favorite napping spot, or anywhere else! The possibilities are endless when you have a Jellybean!
RECYC.jpg 35% of the material in a Jellybean™ rug is recycled. 

I loved this rug, Its colors are very nice, My camera didn't pick up the beauty in this JELLY BEAN RUG, Trust me its has very nice colors, The feel of it is soft and well made. Back of the rug has nice solid lining as seen in the picture, And the best part is its washable, Yes I mean Washable They don't claim it to be non stick, But I had it out by my pool for my huge family reunion & it held up really nice. Later on I moved it to the back slider, Where all the kids at the family reunion where coming in and out of the house, If you have kids you know what I mean. They just start running to the door. This JELLY BEAN RUG, Went through tons of kids that day, And still looks brand new  Plus the weather was 105% and the sun rays where beating on these rug. It didn't fade and it still held up fantastic, I think this rug will last a very long time and well worth the money. If you are looking for that special rug. This company has it all, They come in all patterns and some different sizes.  I personnel recommend this JELLY BEAN RUG, And will give this company a big shout out for having rugs that hold up to all that I mentioned above. They so deserve a 5 star rating.  Find this company web site here, And jump on it to order yours today.  

Back of the Rug

Rug outside

Rug Outside slider

Rug by the pool
 *disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine. But this my opinion of the jelly bean rug