Saturday, January 19, 2013

Giveaway Home Spa 100% Natural Shower Spray

Home Spa, 
“Enjoy the Spa experience at home with our unique blends of therapeutic essential oils. Home Spa Shower Sprays were developed using the highest quality 100% natural ingredients to simulate the aromatherapy treatments found in Spas around the world. Home Spa is so easy to use, before entering your shower, spray directly into the water stream as desired (Usually 3 to 4 pumps).  Immediately, you well smell the essential oil blend release a therapeutic bouquet, just like when you are relaxing in your favorite Spa.”

Have you ever been to the Spa, You know that smell when you are in there. Well now you can have that in your own home, The Smell with the100% Therapeutic essentials oils  
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Here are four of their scents,

Eucalyptus Scent, Lavender Scent, Tangerine Scent, Pink Grapefruit Scent, 

OK, Here my feelings on these, I love the whole idea of these being therapeutic essentials oils, Very easy to use.Spray them into the shower water stream, 3 or 4 sprays. I used the Eucalyptus for my daughter, who  was all stuff up and feeling sick,So what better time to use this, The Eucalyptus helped a lot she felt better,and the smells was very pleasant. So hands down that was a winner for that reason a lone. Now I use these for a few weeks. Each one a different day, Lavender Scent was Fabulous, Loved it. The Tangerine Scent and the Grapefruit Scent, And I am giving my honest opinion here. I felt they needed more of a scent put in them, I could barely smell those ones. I even had family members try them. They felt the same way, Everyone really liked the Eucalyptus Scent and the Lavender Scent. Now you  may like the light scent of the Tangerine Scent or the Grapefruit Scent. You wont know until you try them. 
Well, here is the good news the company letting me giveaway away 5 of them, That means five winners  to win one a piece of your favorite scent. 

Giveaway starts now, 



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