Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Herbal Concepts

Have you heard of herbal concepts company? 
This company uses the finest Natural Ingredients: Its also very interesting how this company got started, I feel that's always an important part of a review. Knowing how it all got started. So before we get into my testing review, Let share their company info About:  


Herbal Concepts was formed in 1996 with the simple goal –
“To create the highest quality aromatherapy hot & cold wraps at the most affordable price”.

 I owned Heat Pack USA from 1988 -1995.  Heat Pack USA distributed a rechargeable heat pack to wholesalers, retailers and medical markets.  When the parent company that manufactured the rechargeable heat pack sold, I was presented with an opportunity to create a new concept in heat packs and aromatherapy.

 My extensive background in marketing heat therapy products along with a B.S. in Botany from Oregon State University helped to shape the development and success of Herbal Concepts.  As a collegiate wrestler, health and wellness have always been an important part of my life.  I have always felt the concept of heat therapy and aromatherapy should be combined into one product, thus a new concept was born “Herbal Concepts”.

 The first products were developed in 1996, from start to finish in my garage!  Like other great companies, Herbal Concepts started small and quickly grew. 

 We moved to our current location in Clackamas, Oregon in 2002.  This location houses the main office, research & development, marketing & sales, manufacturing, shipping, and a factory outlet store.

 I currently employee over 15 year round positions, adding seasonal help that take us to as many as 50 employees!  We manufacture over 30 products, have 3 brands, ship to all 50 states and to every US Military Base.

 I take pride in manufacturing entirely in the USA.  We use a custom blend of 100% all natural herbs and grains, creating innovative products while staying committed to customer satisfaction

 I appreciate all of our customers and I am dedicated to providing you the best value and service possible. And if you're not already an Herbal Concepts customer, I invite you to check us out. I sincerely believe you'll be glad you did.

  Chris Lindsay
President Herbal Concepts 

See how well the collar stays up and how it fits to your shoulders
Better close up of this fabulous wrap
Now, I have had a while to really test this product out, When it first arrived and I took of its plastic wrap, The smell of all the natural herbal ingredients where yummy! The ingredients are, Lavender,Valerian root, White willow,Chamomile, Rosemary, Peppermint, Spearmint, Hops, Yellow dock, Lemon grass, Cinnamon, Yarrow,Premium flax seeds, Other natural ingredients, I think that's a very nice combo of herbal ingredients, ThisFan shoulder wrap , Is very full with all of these ingredients, Making it heavy and not light weight, Now that to me is a very good thing, Because is sits very nice on your shoulders and its has a high collar that filled with the herbals, Once you set it in your microwave for 2 Min's, Give or take every microwave is different, So check and see if its at the right temp for you. You also can mist it a little with water and then place in the microwave, Depending if you want moisture to the heat sack, For purpose of my testing I did it all three ways, From just heat in microwave, to mist it with water, And to using a plastic zip lock bag and placing it in my freezer for about 2 hours. 
To me it performed very nice stayed warm for a while and cold for a while, The smell was very soothing, I also love lavender smell, So I mist mine with water and some lavender in a spray bottle worked very nice, You do not need to do that I just wanted to see how it would enhance the smell. So I think this is a very nice for any possible muscle aches, Or any pain you have, Or just to sit and relax with it for stress relieve. And its nice it goes up on your neck. Because your neck needs the tender loving care to. And we all know life in general are body are always dealing with some form of stress. So My opinion on the Fan Shoulder Wrap, Is I think its a very nicely made Herbal wrap, If their where anything I would like to see with this product, I think personally it would be better if this Fan Shoulder Wrap, Came with a bag or sack to store your Fan Shoulder Wrap in, Because herbal ingredients need to be closed in a nice bag or sack to always keep them fresh with the soothing smell, Now time will tell how well this product will last, That fact that its made with a fur cover. Some furs wear quick, Long term I will just have to see, This company also sale other ones that have removable covers, That's always nice to have. They also have a silk fabric one. Not sure if that would hold up better than the fur. But this Fan Shoulder Wrap I tested comes in many colors as seen here,


They have many other product shown here for all of your needs:  http://shop.herbal-concepts.com/main.sc 
Here is another fabulous thing I liked these are made in the USA, Big plus there,
Side note to my readers and followers and UV, I have more products I will review from this fantastic company, Review to follow soon.

Head to their web site and order on today here; http://shop.herbal-concepts.com/

*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine. This is my opinion of the Fan shoulder wrap