Thursday, February 7, 2013

ILa Safety With Style

iLa Safety With Style 
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ila Security

ila Security was launched in 2008, a joint collaboration with global communications agency BBH, whose clients include Audi, British Airways and Lynx/Axe. Its creation addresses what was a significant gap in the global market in the area of stylish female safety and personal security accessories.

A 2010 YouGov/Glamour magazine survey reveals that 68% of women are seriously concerned about their personal safety – and the same women also want to look stylish and fashionable. In response to this need, ila Security provides a must-have range of accessories that are chic, feminine and versatile.

Because when it comes to safety and style, there shouldn’t have to be a compromise. 


Have you heard of this company? They have some amazing products for us women to stay safe and sound. And fabulous products they are, They are classy looking with style that will fit any ones fashions. and the best part is they work, You know when you get that creepy feeling that someones following you and you just feel unsafe walking at night too your car, That where this fabulous products from iLa come in. They have this product called DUSK this is a personal alarm that scream out loud High Decibel ear piercing, You know when your body gets into a fearful situation and you need to scream and when you try its almost like your vocals left you. that's the fear in your body. That's why the iLa does it for you, once you pull the chain it is so freaking loud it scare anyone to leave you alone. Because trust me this will make many heads turn, Because we cant scream as loud as this iLa does. Because people out there are freaking crazy now days, They want to harm you not just steal your purse. We need to take charge of being able to walk to our cars at night, without the fear some crazy person going to attack you. Its very self explanatory to use pull the chain and Put back the pin to stop it. If there was one thing I would have liked to seen, Is when the chain is pulled that there was away not to loose it. Because once you pull it the pins out, To stop it you have put the pin in. Having said that this is an amazing techno Gadget on its own, It comes with attachment that will attach to your purse, I know how freaking cool is that? 
You can find more styles here, 

And they have a key ring one, its called the PEBBLE That's always a nice feature to have, because you are always carry around your keys it work a little different, as it has more of a High Decibel alarm, And trust me its very loud to, They have two colors black and red. as seen here. 

These would make a very sweet valentine gift for any love one, I highly recommend you check them out. 
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Jacqui Hames served for 25 years with the Metropolitan Police, and is one of Britain's best-known real-life detectives. She co-presented BBC's Crimewatch for 16 years, and regularly appears on Sky News, Five News, Radio 5 Live, and the former GMTV, to comment on news stories.

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I will be bringing you more soon, I wanted to get these out first, Because valentine is coming soon. xoxo 
But I also wanted to share with you how important it is to be safe. Look for me to post more from this fabulous company, I feel its really important, Its just I have had family down with the bad case of the flu. Its a trickle down effect one gets it few weeks later another one gets it. 

So stay SAFE because this iLa is a must have and well be your best friend. I don't leave home without them, Nor will a family member.
And this company has the best customer service, They are so sweet xoxo

*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.