Monday, March 4, 2013

Hair Shadz Review

Have you heard of Hair Shadz? 

This company thought about every detail there is, When it comes to safety for your scalp and sun exposer by adding an SPF 15 to their Hair Shadz and overall health in general. Impressed? you should be, Before I get into my thoughts on Hair Shadz I would like you to take some time and read about info, Big plus is always learning why a company got started. 

Hair Shadz & Sun Shadz are THE FIRST all natural broad spectrum powder sunscreens, designed specifically for the scalp! Not only will this product offer SPF protection to your scalp. Hair Shadz will also simplify your beauty routine!

MoniMay Inc. provides innovative quality hair care products. We realize the importance of great looking hair, that you can feel good about every day. At MoniMay, we go beyond just making you look good. We can help ensure the hair care products you use are safe and your scalp will untimately be healthy too. Simple, Affordable, and Safe, the hallmark of MoniMay Inc.

Company Overview
MoniMay, Inc. conceptualized, developed, and is currently marketing a truly innovative product in hair care. Hair Shadz & Sun Shadz are THE FIRST all natural broad spectrum powder sunscreens, designed specifically for the scalp! Not only will this product offer SPF protection to your scalp, but it is will also simplify your beauty routine!

The Hair Shadz line is formulated in a wide selection of colors, allowing for a suitable match for everyone. Hair Shadz offers a multitude of solutions. The product line is designed for root blending, and has oil absorption properties thereby acting as a dry shampoo, Hair Shadz also works wonders to help mask thinning hair. Whichever reason you choose to use Hair Shadz, we are proud to offer the SPF to help defend your scalp, every time you use it!

OK, you know how you need a certain touch up for your hair color? The in between color touch ups, Well, Hair Shadz offer a variety of healthy alternative for you, Hey the other touch ups out there on the market do not have SPF 15 in them. Now why wouldn't you want to use a healthy way of touching up those roots? I know everyone should think about Sun expose, I had a very good friend pass away at a young age because he was in the Sun daily. Using nothing to protect his delicate skin on his head. 

 Guys, this also can be used for you.They have whats called Sun Shadz,The concept being the same but without color, But still protecting the hair and scalp with its SPF. Keeping like a sun screen on your hair with out the mess or grease of sun screens, also being safe for the little ones heads.Because these products by Monimay inc Have a dry shampoo effect with SPF to protect all delicate skin on your head, Not to mention they also thought of amazing container to carry your products around.

The brush in the bottle is very easy to apply, The color stays on the hair. This is one of those products you have to try to believe how easy and how well it works. For me the concept of this fabulous companies products is amazing!

Shake well, turn the silver flow indicator to Level I (minimum flow), II or III (maximum flow). For the initial application the brush needs to be "primed" by setting the flow indicator to Level III and tapping the applicator (brush down) lightly again the palm of your hand until the powder begins to dispense. Remove the cap after the brush is primed. Apply generously to the hair roots. Turn off silver flow indicator, slide the center brush protective plastic sleeve over the brush to protect the bristles when the cap is closed, place the cap on the sliding plastic sleeve and apply pressure to close the cap over the brush.

Hair Shadz™ and Sun Shadz™ Refill Directions:

Work over a sink or trash bin. Carefully remove cap from refill bottle. Remove the bottom screw cap and plastic insert from the dispenser applicator. Carefully pour the powder from the refill bottle into dispenser applicator.  Do not fill to full as this may cause the dispenser applicator to clog. Reapply the plastic insert and screw cap to the dispenser applicator. Reapply the cap to the refill bottle.

Really the concept of this brush application couldn't be any easier, I don't know who designed this application bottle? This was a fabulous idea behind this applicator. But to have that makes this product simple and easy to use, Plus they have a cleanser to clean the brush with, Keeping it more bacteria free, big plus! I highly recommend this company, I believe this company will be around a long time, As far has Sun Shadz goes I have not reviewed that product, So I cant honestly speak about how it works, But I can say if its anything like Hair Shadz it will be a winner! I really like the benefits this Hair Shadz has to offer. I am interested in seeing how long this 6.5grams Hair Shadz will last me, a little seems to go a long ways, Time will tell. But I am a fan. Find more info here.
Side note I would like an empty container just to add my blush to it or my mineral face powder, lol Seriously its awesome.

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*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.