Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Painted Earth Review

 Painted Earth:

Have you heard of Painted Earth? well if you haven't you are in for the best treat ever, when it comes to organic natural makeup and skin line that is Paraben free, and uses the finest ingredient's look no further than Painted Earth they got you covered calling all fashionistas don't miss this fabulous company Painted Earth xoxo

The baked marbleized shadows from Painted Earth where also amazing, I swear there wasn't anything I didn't like, I know that's hard to believe because very rare with cosmetics companies, but again Painted Earth has done their homework for amazing products, This shadow can be worn wet or dry, wet will bring the pigment more in this shadows, it lasted on my eyes all day with no creases, Yay! just look how amazing the color is, my camera didn't pick up the beauty of all the colors in the Shadow but trust me its a keeper as well as all Painted Earth products are in my book and makeup bag. this shadow has a nice silk feel to it. with all the swirls of uniquely blended together to create the most outstanding eye shadows 

Now lets learn a little about info on this amazing company.
At Painted Earth we believe that it is not necessary to sacrifice health for the sake of beauty, and that pure, natural beauty nourishes the body, mind and soul.
Welcome to healthy skin, a healthy glow, and a healthy you!

Our entire product line sets the standard for skin care technology in the field of cosmetic science. We strive to manufacture truly remarkable skin care and cosmetic products that will meet and exceed our customers expectations. Our products are pure, natural, organic, non-animal tested and safe with active ingredients. Our ingredients are formulated for the best possible absorption to the deeper layers of skin.
Always Free shipping.

Are you looking for Natural and Organic Skincare and Cosmetics? But haven't found the right one yet?
Visit us today and see our paraben free skincare and cosmetic line. Pure, Natural, Organic and always Paraben Free.

Products are manufactured in the United States, in a fully licensed and FDA registered laboratory, and our products are never tested on Animals!

More than just a skincare and Cosmetics line, Painted Earth, is a brand that becomes a part of your life! Eye Catching! Bold! Results Driven we will keep you on the cutting edge of the trends. Building solid relationships, one customer at a time 


Lip stains are the best and Painted Earth has a very nice lip stain. I love the look and idea, this stain will not rub off, hello! I love that it doesn't dry my lip out either. another great thing I find is they work with all complexions, you can just reply it again for more color, You can find info on this amazing lip stain, love it

Lip stick is another great product
Painted Earth  has very nice true to color matte I love the matte look without drying out my lips, big plus and it contains vitamin E its hypoallergenic without fragrance, I put it on and it lasted a long time, they also have many beautiful colors.
as seen here,
The lip liner is fabulous it a gel liner that's waterproof and will stay on all day, again no drying the lips out. check it out here 
Find info here on these Painted Earth Mineral Lip Gel Pencil for your lips


This baked blush is really nice in its texture the color is just almost like a sun kissed color, it can be applied wet or dry, what ever you little heart desires. I liked how silky smooth it is. its hypoallergenic love that idea,

I have more to bring you from this fabulous sweet company, But right now just wanted to give you a sample of what this glamour's company has, Look for more great products here 
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*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.