Friday, April 5, 2013


Satara Moisturizer Day Cream

A unique formulation of nourishing cream, combining pearl powder with Dead Sea minerals, beta carotene, proteins, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and anti-oxidants.

Cream Nourishes and moisturizes your skin during the night while renewing and restoring elasticity.

Directions: After a thorough cleansing of your scin in the evening, apply the Nourishing Night Creab by Satara on face and neck, while massaging gently from the center, outwards and upwards. Non-greasy and quickly absorbed.

Think cream with a silk feeling

When you put all these fabulous ingredients together you have one amazing skin care cream moisturizer. I have been using it for months now to see what I thought of Satara Skin Moisturizer after applying it every night after washing my face before bed time. Also don't forget your decollete area you need to always apply moisture to that area as well as the neck area, sometimes women don't think about that area, its important part of your daily routine to try to avoid winkles and dry skin, but its important to use good products their as well on your face because we have very delicate skin. The everyday pollutions in the air and the free radicals and we all love to have those tan bodies, but those are the worst for things you can do, Its important to use SPF when going outside, I use SPF all winter and summer long all the time. Your skin will brighten up, not only that but you are helping the cell turn over to show the fresh new skin that's soft and silky from Satara Moisturizer Day Cream, I only wished I could have tried their whole skin line from cleanser, mask, etc. because to me that helps with combining the same products to clean your face as you do to moisturize it. But after using Satara I can honestly recommend it to all my readers and UV visitors it leaves your skin silky soft. Prevents those fine lines and wrinkles and dry skin, keep our delicate skin moist, Plus the moisturizer has like a silky smooth texture to it. our skin looses collagen as we age, personally I think when you turn 20 you should start taking better care of your delicate skin. we put our skin through so much everyday, I use it for a day cream before I put on my makeup as well,  xoxo

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