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Win three pairs of Wearever socks GW and Review 5/10

Wearever Socks Review and Giveaway

Lets learn a little about info on these company, trust me they have many products for all your needs, The socks are just a small part of what this company has to offer.

An Incontinent Opportunity

The Prime Life Fiber story started back in the early nineties, when Bob Deerin noticed that a flourishing industry in Europe for reusable incontinence underwear had no equivalent in the US market. Seeing an opportunity to provide a quality product at a lower overall cost, Bob and his partner in those early days started importing reusable incontinence undergarments from Europe.
Soon, however, the cost of doing so made it clear that these incontinence garments would need to be manufactured locally in order for the business to sustain itself. And so, in subcontracting the manufacturing to a Thomasville, North Carolina fabric company, Bob started down the path to Prime Life Fiber’s patented 3-layer Hydrex™ system for total protection.

The Wearever 3-Point Philosophy

The successful evolution of the company from those early days to its position of leadership today is based on a drive to develop the best incontinence products on the market. In order to do so, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Consistent quality and performance – “it has to work”
  • Fashionable, stylish designs – “it has to be comparable with regular, contemporary underwear”
  • Attractive pricing – “it has to be cheaper over its lifetime than its alternatives”

  • This philosophy has carried Prime Life Fiber’s Wearever line based on the Hydrex™ system, and has now produced, after many years of trials, tweaking, and testing, the company’s latest innovation, the Unique-Dri™ system and the Wearever line of seamless panties.

    The Future of Prime Life Fibers

    Bob Deerin continues to be the heart and soul of Prime Life Fibers. And innovation and constant improvement continue to be the company’s mantras as they always have been. All of which means that wearers of incontinence briefs and incontinence panties can continue to look forward to a future of newer, better products.

    Comfortable, quality, affordable and stylish men's and women's underwear for people living with incontinence
    Wearever offers groundbreaking undergarments for people with urinary incontinence, providing the first and only reusable, washable alternative to adult diapers. The men’s briefs and women’s panties are especially beneficial for active seniors and other individuals who want to continue their normal lifestyle without worry or emotional stress from incontinence. And, Wearever products are more environmentally friendly and less expensive than all other alternatives.

    Wearever also offers incontinence bed pads as well as Buster Brown socks, which are specifically designed for maximum comfort essential for the elderly and anyone with poor circulation, easily irritated skin or diabetes.

    Wearever is produced and distributed by Prime Life Fibers, a Durham, N.C.-based apparel company. To learn more or shop online, visit Style, comfort and peace of mind. 

    In all honesty I am not a Diabetic but I truly can see how these would be very beneficial for those who sufferer with it. I do have family members that our and will benefit from these socks. I see that these keep their form with just the right amount of comfort. I found these socks to be very comfy great fit and nice and soft with no tightness in them. I think you could really benefit from the quality of these Wearever Diabetic Socks they come in White and Black colors you get three in a pack. xoxo 

    100% cotton diabetic socks made by Buster Brown, for maximum comfort and durability. Appropriate for those with poor circulation, easily irritated skin, or diabetes Buster Brown 100% cotton socks are made with no elastic or synthetics. The seamless design of Buster Brown cotton socks with cushioning improve comfort, reduce binding, and eliminate skin irritation.


    The natural ease and comfort of 100% cotton- no elastic or synthetics. Made by one of America's most trusted names in footwear, in a full range of sizes for a custom fit.


    Made of pure cotton - with a touch of lycra for added stretch and comfort, our Cotton Knee High Socks are ideal for all-day wear with any casual footwear. Designed for gentle support, these easy-care ladies' socks are made to last - and feel great. Colors: White. Black. Ivory.
    • *Machine wash, dry
    • *Imported
    • *Colors: Black, White, or Ivory
    • *Packed 3 pairs, same size
    • *See chart for size
    And yes they even have long version for those chilly days when you need higher socks Wearever has you covered there with these Buster Brown socks, you also will love the quality of these as well as the Diabetic socks, These are not Diabetic ones they do however sale the Diabetic loose top ones. I cant give you an honest opinion of those because I never tested those out. But these they are comfy and come in White, Black, Ivory you can find more of Wearever products here you get three in a pack. 
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      *disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.    

    Who ready to win three pairs of their own Wearever Buster Brown socks. Good Luck xoxo

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