Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Win Yves Rocher Monoi Set 7/16

Yves Rocher Monoi Body Care Review and Giveaway
The Yves Rocher research division has selected a Monoï de Tahiti that is AOC certified (controlled designation of origin). It is obtained by macerating fresh tiare flowers in coconut oil, grown exclusively in the coralline soil and volcanic rock of French Polynesia.

Did you know? Monoï, a truly traditional beauty secret of Tahitian women, means "scented oil" in the Polynesian language. Tahitian women apply this 100 % natural botanical elixir to their skin and hair to enhance their beauty and to wear its heavenly scent.

Treat yourself to an exotic escape with this 2 in 1 formula! This Lagoon Hair & Body Wash which is scented with Tiare Flowers crushed in Coconut Oil rinses away perspiration, sea salt and sunscreen.
Result: it leaves your skin soft and your hair shiny!

Monoi Body Care products from Yves Rocher are amazing in the ingredients to the scent they smell heavenly exotic, This has got to be my favorite scent I have always love the Hawaiian tropical suntan lotion for the scent, but I didn't love the ingredients in it. but Yves Rocher has that special scent in these products without the unhealthy ingredients the all organic natural ingredients in the Monoi it will make you feel like you are in the tropics, Seriously I feel I could be one of those Tahitian Women because I have misty this in my hair and on my skin and it does smell heavenly those where my exact same words for this scent Heavenly. The hair and body wash is fabulous also it has the Tiare flower along with one of my favorite oils coconut oil and many other fine ingredients, when you add all these amazing ingredients together you cant go wrong great products for your delicate skin and your gorgeous hair  xoxo

I really want to try more of this product line, hope to bring you all more products for Yves Rocher xoxo

Yves Rocher
Yves Rocher was a French businessman and founder of the cosmetics company that bears his name. He was a pioneer of the modern use of natural ingredients in cosmetics.


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