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City Lips Dragon Blood Set Review

City Lips Dragon Blood Set Review:

What is Dragon's Blood Restorative Cleanser?
We expose our faces to a lot in the average day: makeup, dirt, pore-clogging oil, pollutants, irritants, and more. If you don't thoroughly remove it all and give your skin a chance to breath, you're asking for acne and other unsightly blemishes.

The Dragon's Blood Restorative Cleanser is like a reset button for your skin. By penetrating deep into your pores to remove all the residue of your day, it allows your skin to restore and renew itself, so you can always present your freshest, most beautiful face to the world.

The best part is it does so with a special formulation that deep cleans without robbing your skin of its precious moisture. The end result is cleaner, healthier skin that looks and feels fantastic.
What is Dragon's Blood Beauty Elixir?
It is an all-natural chemical peel…without the pain or irritation! "Dragon's blood" is the name for the sap from a rare Amazonian tree that has become legendary among natives for its healing properties.
What is a chemical peel and how is this better?
In a traditional chemical peel, strong chemicals remove the outer layer of skin, taking blemishes and imperfections with it. The great thing about chemical peels is that they reveal the younger, more perfect skin underneath the outermost layer. The bad thing, unfortunately, is that they are extremely harsh and leave your skin suffering for days.

The reason why Dragon's Blood is so treasured is because it gently does exactly what a chemical peel does…but without the pain and irritation. You can display your most beautiful skin without having to suffer for it.
How does Dragon's Blood work?
Dragon's Blood uses a three-part process:
  • First, special antioxidants called "phenols" softly exfoliate the skin, removing any barriers to your natural beauty. While the phenols remove damaged skin, bromelain and papain hydrate and soften by eliminating pore-clogging dead skin cells.
  • After your skin has been thoroughly stripped of contaminants and pollutants, the healing process begins. Dragon's Blood has a high concentration of taspine, a compound prized for healing wounds and blemishes. The sap also has natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties, ensuring that your skin will be healthier than ever.
    To boost the restorative properties of the Dragon's Blood even further, we added oat extract to fight irritation and dullness. This extract also has the fantastic side benefit of reducing the visible signs of aging by stimulating collagen growth and improving skin quality.
    Additionally, we added hyaluronic acid, which is one of the most powerful moisturizers ever created. Your skin will be nourished and moisturized while it is being restored, ensuring that you look as young and beautiful as you deserve.
  • Finally, the renewal stage begins. Dragon's Blood contains compounds that repair collagen and firm up your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, the Dragon's Blood also eliminates free radicals and increases cell regeneration, so you always have your youngest, freshest skin on display.
How do I use it?
Remove the dropper and place a single drop on the forehead and each cheek, and then massage into the skin using an upwards, circular motion. Keep massaging until fully absorbed. You can also apply a drop to your neck if you like.
Allow the skin to drink in the elixir for 60 seconds, then apply the rest of your skin regimen (moisturizer/eye cream/etc.) as desired. We recommend using this product at night, and daily use is recommended for best results.
I have dry/oily/sensitive skin. Can I still use dragon's blood?
Not only is Dragon's Blood suitable for all skin types, it's recommended for a wide range of skin issues. It can reduce the redness and swelling of acne, restore skin that's dry from aging or environmental factors, and even resolve issues with photo-aging!
If you've struggled with skin issues in the past and currently use special products for them, then Dragon's Blood can provide an incredible complement.
What is the recommended age group for Dragon's Blood?
The fantastic thing about Dragon's Blood is that it can help just about everyone, regardless of their age or issue. Not only does it help resolve skin problems, but it can help prevent them in the first place. It is suitable (and recommended) for all ages.
Can I use them during the day?
Absolutely. You can apply them both at any time of day or night.
We recommend using the cleanser morning and night, before beginning the rest of your beauty regimen. This will make your skin a clean, fresh canvas, enhancing the rest of your process
However, due to the fact that your face will be undergoing deep renewal, we recommend only using the Elixir at night, before bedtime.
Can I use the Dragon's Blood Combo Pack products on my eye area?
The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, and is much more sensitive as a result. Because our Dragon's Blood is such a powerful renewing agent, we don't recommend applying it to your eye area.
However, we do make a product specifically for the skin around the eyes, City Total Rejuvenation Eye Cream. We recommend using this product along with the Dragon's Blood to make your entire face look more youthful and radiant.
When will I see results?
You will see softer, brighter skin immediately! Full results, including wrinkle reduction and blemish removal, may take up to 4 weeks to become noticeable.
Is real Dragon's Blood sap used to create the Dragon's Blood Beauty Elixir?
Yes! The Dragon's Blood we sourced for our products is wild crafted, meaning we've gotten it directly from the Amazon. It's the purest, most natural Dragon's Blood sap you can get- straight from Mother Nature to you.
Because only a few liters can be harvested at a time, these are two of the rarest and most valuable skincare products on the market.
Additionally, all of our Dragon's Blood is harvested using sustainable methods.
Is the Dragon's Blood Combo Pack tested on animals?
Absolutely not. We believe true beauty is cruelty-free, and so none of our City Cosmetics products have ever been- or WILL ever be- tested on animals.
Does the Dragon's Blood Combo Pack contain any of the following items: sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, dioxanes, PEG-6, or PEG-150?
No way! Our products were formulated with Mother Nature in mind, and only the highest quality ingredients were used to give you the radiant complexion you've always wanted.

Here my opinion I freaking love how good it feels on my face no burning no skin problems no redness. I took my time with these products because I believe skincare takes time to work on our delicate skin! All of you who follow my blog know I am all about healthy natural skin care as City Lips New products Dragon Blood is made with the finest ingredients using the Sap from the Dragon Blood Tree from deep into the Amazon Rain Forest, how it gets its name is from the Zap it is a rich Red Color, so as most of you know products that come from the Amazon Rain Forest has great healing benefits such as Dragon Blood does from City Lips so yes Dragon Blood is rich in antioxidant and a great anti- inflammatory for many skin issues and helps repair Collagen and we all know how important Collagen is to our skin. So do I recommend City Lips Dragon Blood Set? that answer is 100% Recommended you will indeed love what all the products have to offer for all skin types! using all natural ingredients is the best you can do for keeping your skin Cleansed, Toned, Tighten, Moisturized, This set has everything you need Cleanser, Moisturizer, Beauty Elixir, Moisturizer is very soothing to the skin and Elixir  you don't need a lot a little goes a long ways so what are you waiting for? I recommend you jump on their website and get started with a whole new skin treatment to keep the delicate skin healthy and beautiful!! xoxo
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As much as I wanted to write about the Lip Plumper from City Lips I made the mistake and took it with me in my car one day and it just happened to be heat wave here so the products was a freaking big mess!! sorry to say I cant honestly give my true honest opinion on this product if it works I only got to use it two times, but I hear it comes in many colors so I recommend you check them out I am assuming the colors would be great for day wear. I was so upset that I did that, but if the product is anything like the Dragon Blood Set I would for sure recommend it.
And the Opening Party was a huge hit, Everyone got this Cute Black Bag as seen in the Top pic here with all the products of Dragon Blood Set and the lip plumper everything in our Cute Black bag was value of three hundred dollars!! Here a little News Video on how it all went down, fun time it looks like they all had. Thank you City Lips for including me in this amazing New products Dragon Blood Set and the Lip Plumper xoxo

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