Monday, September 23, 2013

Win TouchFire Keyboard for the Ipads 10/7

TouchFire for the Ipads

Touchfire for the Ipads has to be one of the genius ideas I have seen in the techno gadget world, This is brilliant idea adding a Touch screen top keyboard to the Ipad and its magnets keep in right at your finger tips when you need or Touchfire can be retractable I know how freaking cool is that?

TouchFire puts the "touch" back into typing on an iPad. You can now feel where the keys are, so you can type as fast and accurately as you can on a laptop. You can even type without looking at the screen. TouchFire cushions your fingers as you type, something both touch-typists and two-finger typists really appreciate. Typing on an iPad is no longer a pain!

Close up shot

This Touchfire is very easy to use and trust me having the sensory touch feeling does make you type faster there is something about having buttons to push with a touch screen!! you know that feeling when texting on your phone the first time you used a touch screen with out a slide out keyboard on the phone, well thats the best way I can explain it feels great to have this Touchfire keyboard option to use on my ipad
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To really understand how good this Touchfire keyboard works you really need to try it for yourself, and you will get that chance right here on razzledazzlestyles blog today! who is ready to win one for yourself?

Big congrats to the winner I have emailed you xoxo

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