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Win Beauty Glamour Valentine Giveaway Ghislaine Naturals 2/11

Win Beauty Glamour Valentine Giveaway Ghislaine Naturals 

It doesn't get any better than ghislaine Products and these are a very nice selection of pampering yourself!! 
And look how sweet that TRI- Fold Compact Mirror is xoxo

Ghislaine Naturals has a variety of  Luxurious Nail Lacquer found here 
ghislaine Nail Lacquer  

The Pure Glass Cuticle File this company has many assortment of colors to choose from 
Found here
ghislaine glass-skin-nail-tools  

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And they also have for the man in your life

*beauty with an eco-friendly and organic lifestyle

Our polishes contain none of the chemicals found in typical nail polish. We are “3 Free” as well free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals. Her products are truly non-toxic.

GIGI TRI FOLD MIRROR Each trifold compact opens up to reveal a 1X mirror, 3X mirror, and 5X mirror--perfect for all sorts of touch-ups

*About info 

The Story of Ghislaine NATURALS & Talisman Mens Strengthener

As a modern woman, designer and artist, my interest in beauty products was based on luxury and effectiveness. I seldom thought of the ingredients and the safety of the make-up lotions, creams, and especially nail polishes which I was frequently using. My job as a designer meant that I needed to be trendsetting at all times and that was my only concern. It all changed for me, when the allergies, I was born with, worsened over time. It seems all of the brand products started to give me rashes and sometimes worse.. I was alarmed when my nails began to yellow, break, and look frail. I researched the ingredients used in nail polish, lotions, cuticle creams, etc. and found out that most products used by most nail salons, even leading brands, are harmful to your health and contain many ingredients which are toxic and carcinogenic. My husband, Ryan, who is also an artist and designer, said he experienced many of the same things with his nails as I did, so he chose not to use anything on his nails. Ryan, then, decided that we needed to find an alternative nail care that used only natural products for services.

Since my husband has a background in holistic and aromatherapy, he directed me toward looking into the areas focused on healthy and natural.  Needless to say, my quest was difficult. They are many choices out their but to my disappointment most natural formulas for nails did not compare to the solvent brands in shine, effectiveness and lasting color.  I had a choice to make. I could forgo the healthy nail experience or start our own line. Ryan and I decided to create not just a long lasting glamorous color line but a very effective Strength Care System for men and woman.

Ghislaine Naturals  began on the premise that luxury and glamour can come from a healthy lifestyle. My experience in beauty product design and color development combined with my husband's experience in design and holistic became the perfect combination to create this addition of our luxurious natural beauty line. We realized that there have been strives made by others to produce natural products which focus on safety and even purity using beneficial ingredients, but they are lacking in shine, performance, and duration, which we envisioned for a our beauty formula.  Our quest was accomplished.  In conclusion, we found the way to develop our  own product line which offers strong beautiful nails and/or luxurious color. Ghislaine Naturals was created offering glamour and health without compromise!

We are a  company dedicated to ultimate glamour combined with health and beauty for life.

I highly recommend you check this company out

Big congrats to the winner I have send you a message xoxo

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