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Measurable Difference and Lashem Picture Perfect Review

Measurable Difference and Lashem Picture Perfect Review


*How to use*
 Lets break this down!! First I was very impressed with this double wand mascara chrislieformulations measurable-difference It is very easy to achieve this look,
#1 Start with clean lashes, apply the White Primer Mascara on your eyelashes and let that dry for about a few seconds it doesn't take long to dry!!!
#2 Then the other side of the Measurable difference you will apply the black mascara!! you can begin to apply like you would any mascara, you can layer it on or apply once!! That is your choice.
For me I applied twice in this photo to achieve the look I wanted for my full impact to lushes lashes!!
I really liked how good this combo of White Primer found just the tiny of lashes and trust me I have tiny ones!! and then the vivid Black mascara magnified it to achieve the long lushes lashes, By the way I don't have long lashes but this Measurable Difference Mascara made them look fabulous!! Not only that but they are much healthier and softer!! and the best part is they use natural ingredients in their formula yay!! 
I seriously gave up on mascara because I didn't like all the junk that's in mascara, and I think they were not helping my eyelashes they seem to be stiff and falling out. So I stopped wearing mascara at all, But I really wanted to find a good one that makes your lashes healthier!! Because lets face it our eyelashes look better with Mascara.
So this was a good time to try Measurable Difference I do like it. I just wish my eyelashes would look this good without mascara lol 
I don't really have per say a full makeup tutorial because I didn't apply foundation or shadows!! I use one product for my lips and cheeks it is a Benetint lip and cheek stain to brighten up my whole face. Makes it easier to apply makeup for a natural glow when you want a quick natural look to your makeup!!! 
And a slight eyeliner pencil on the bottom waterline area!! Here is a Tip apply liner to your waterline and blink a few times and it will be applied to the upper water line Sweet and easy peasy!! I am just trying to give you the tutorial on Measurable Difference Mascara and how it can transform your lashes to long luxurious lashes. xoxo 

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Use Picture Perfect, even for lines that aren’t related to age. Frown lines are created by facial movements, such as squinting, concentrating, or frowning, and may be created even in younger adults, causing skin to furrow and crease. As time passes, skin becomes less elastic and expression lines remain, even when the frown muscles are not contracting. Moderate to severe front lines are often referred to as elevens because they look like the number 11 is etched into the face as a double frown line between the brows. Picture Perfect can temporarily smooth out those lines. 


*How to use*
Lets break this down for those who have frown lines, many of us have fine lines maybe from squinting from the sun etc. Picture Perfect can temporarily make those lines look smoother!! and the best part you are doing it using an all natural product and to me that is the best way to keep your skin youthful and healthy!! This is anti- aging cream called Picture Perfect Click on link- lashem First start out with a clean face apply at night or day, Gentle pump out the Picture Perfect cream on to your ring finger because that is your weakest finger!! and you want to take extra care around your delicate eye area, Because the skin is thinner there!!
I gentle pat in the cream it kinda feel like a gel like consistency very easy to apply and it absorbs into the skin quickly. 
It is a White cream and non greasy and to me it is an intense way to hydrate and moisturize around the eye area for repairing the fine lines and wrinkles for a temporary fix!! It can be used all over your face!! But for me I preferred to try around my eye area.
The whole concept of this Picture Perfect cream is to give your eyes a wake up look and to rejuvenate the appearance of basically not having tired looking eyes and can be used on face as mentioned!! You can apply your foundation when it dries.. 
And by getting rid of the puffiness will give your eye a youthful pop look!! Firming toner plus a youthful appreance
I personally think Night creams are essential for anti-aging they improve elasticity and firmness and should be used daily and should be part of your daily skincare routine. and always make sure you use natural products xoxo 

As we age our skin collagen breaks down, but I am a firm believer that there are many things you can do to help keep the skin youthful like exercise, drink water I drink lots of water everyday, and use all natural Botanical products, take Vitamins, and get the vitamin D in daily and yes I think a little Sunshine does the body good in moderation!!

And I know many of you wont like some of these but I personally cant stress how important these bad habits can start aging your skin faster than it should be.

These Bad Habits will age the face, lips, dry out the skin, form wrinkles and creases etc. No matter how much product you put on your skin!!

#1 Smoking

#2 Process Sugars in your diet

#3 Stress

#4 Not wearing Sun Glasses

#5 Not wearing Good Sun Screens

#6 Not sleeping enough
#7 Tanning Beds, Big NO

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