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These homeopathic remedies in my opinion are a must have to help with Sleep, Sight, Digest, Stress relief, Healthy hair :)
I am not one to take your traditional medicine given by the Dr's, Unless it is the only thing that will help. Because I know there are times you must be on some kind of medicine!! Having said that there are many side effects to traditional medicine, Plus I personally think Dr's are to quick to prescribe medicines now days!! So I am always going for the natural products. 

Homeopathic Remedies, Because I know I can take natural products much better with next to No side effects!! For instants, I take turmeric, Ginger, I had a friends that had a reaction to them. Well it was slight  reaction,but it was a reaction, Or it could be her body was just needed them. But she didn't want to try again. 
I take them all the time.. You never know, but I think your body will for sure let you know!! But I do believe you also have to give natural products time to work!! These essences of homeopathic flowers are actually nature at its best, They are made to work with your body to keep it healthy and to heal it naturally, The body reacts to stressful situations, and trust me you all know my family went through a lot with losses, from my brother passing away so young!! to my only doggie passing away , My sweet Aunt, To a very dear friend who passed away, so young from Cancer, it just seems like it would never end the pain you feel is so deep in your soul, Going to a traditional Dr didn't help the stress the emotional up and downs your body goes through, The lack of sleep, the lack of eating, They just want to put you on medicine that you can't even think straight using them!! No thank you, I have always been the one to try the natural approach first!! I do believe these Homeopathic Remedies really helped us adjust to deal with all the bad heartfelt emotions!! and we have used these all, This review is late from this fabulous company, But it some ways that is good because I really got to see how good they worked, In long term use :) especially while under so very much stress etc. we have used them all and they are completely gone, This Company siddhaflowers Products are unique in the way you use these!! They are a Oral spray that you use, They are very easy peasy to use and very effective, They help balance your physical and all your emotions for a healthier body, 
The Homeopathic spray are from NATURAL FLOWERS ESSENCES!! therefore making them all natural and healthy, It may take your body time to adjust to them, Or they may work right away for you :) It is kind of like when you detox all the junk out of your system. and I personally think everyone should detox junk from their system :)
But I personally didn't take them all at once either, I actually used one for two to about three weeks!! And then started another one, using the same way, They have many product for your whole family to use. Variety of products for adults!! your kids!! and even your sweet Pets!! They will begin to balance out your body, working with your entire nervous system!! Getting healthy Sharing is Caring xoxo
  • Siddha Flower Essences are designed to dissolve the stress that stands between you and a healthier, happier life.

  • Siddha Flower Essences has been around for a little over a decade... and officially an LLC since 2008. Based out of Los Angels, we spent 2009 cultivating business relationships with local alternative health practitioners, in 2010 there was increased focus on retail side of things. Now you find these powerful flower essences in Whole Foods Markets and Sprouts Farmers Markets!

I personally recommend them :) find questions and answer here  
They are healthy as mentioned, If you have to watch Gluten! Sugar! Dairy! Alcohol! you will be fine, because the Siddha Flowers contain none of those, I also like that these come in a nice size dark glass bottle, much better for protection from light.. big plus there
Sharing is Caring xoxo

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Sleep, Sight, Digest, Stress relief, Healthy hair 

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USA WIN These 5 Set of #Homeopathic Remedies Time to get healthy the natural way of life. I'm so happy this Company is allowing me to give one of my readers these amazing Homeopathic Remedies. I like to support natural Companies

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