Thursday, April 13, 2017

Makeup Brushes 32+1 Piece #Professional #MakeupBrushSet Purple Beauty Blender & Gift Box #Review

Review Makeup Brushes 32+1 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set Purple Beauty Blender & Gift Box 

Every type of makeup brush you will need, what I personally like about this set is that the 33 piece makeup brush set seem to be a nice fine quality makeup brushes. Great for any makeup applications. They kind of remind me of the elf and wet and wild makeup brush sets. 
These come in a nice Pink luxury case and also a cute box for storage, all have plastic covers over each makeup brush, that will protect them, I really like that the lip brush comes with a well designed look to it, Because I can't tell you how many of my lip brushes have been damaged because of not having a proper case to them.
I like how this company thought about those important things for this 33 piece makeup brush set. 
All of these makeup brushes in my opinion are a good selection for making your makeup application easy peasy.
Makeup Brushes ,Start Makers 32+1 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Purple Beauty Blender and Gift Box
I did wash all of mine and let them dry completely, never dry your brushes standing up or the shaft gets wet and the bristles will become loose, Always lay them flat or get a brush tree to dry them. Now if there was one thing I wish these Makeup brushes had. was labels on the makeup brush handles, It would Help for beginners to know what makeup brush to use for applications.
They do have a graphic picture as seen below, what each brush is used for, But I know many girls who use their makeup brushes, and have no idea what some of them are used for. So they end up never using them correctly. We have reviewed some high end makeup brush sets, and feel very comfortable saying this set is a great Starter Set for many who want a good set of brushes.
We do like the look and quality of these makeup brushes, They have a nice wooden handles on them, Plus the carry pouch is great for traveling with. So far I am really liking how they grab my makeup colors. and I think you will like them as well, they are very soft and the brush Set will not irritate your skin, Pink and white brushes are so darn cute.
Because they are Synthetic fiber makeup brushes for lasting performance, works fabulous for women with normal to sensitive skin, fabulous makeup brushes with just the right amount of fluff and softness for gentleness on your face, but still grabs product nicely, I think these would be a nice collection to start with for makeup application brushes, again if I had to compare them to makeup brushes on the market, I would compare them to elf and wet and wild makeup brushes.
And it comes with a purple small beauty blender 

You can buy yours here, for the amount of brushes you get and quality of them, The price is excellent 

Lots to choose from, Comes with Eyebrow Lash Comb, Lash brush, and so many more

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