Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ozeri Body Tape Measure and Fat Caliper Combo #Ozeri #Review #amazon

Review Ozeri Body Tape Measure and Fat Caliper Combo

The tape measure measures up to 78 inches (200 cm) and the body fat test caliper measure up to 2 1/2 inches (60 mm).Body Tape Measure and Fat Caliper Combo

I think these are a great starter tools for anyone who likes to keep track of their overall body measurements. Tape measure to 78 inches, and the body fat caliper measure up to 2 1/2 inches, I personally had never used one of these fat caliper before. I am so glad I actually fall in the category according to this fat caliper as being fit. I can say my hard work and keeping fit and eating right pays off lol It takes some getting used to the fat caliper, But just keep doing it and you will get the hang of it!! Seriously love the ozeri Tape measurement in this combo kit.
It is very easy to use and easy to store or carry around.
I would say these Ozeri Body Tape Measure and Fat Caliper Combo is a must have for many types of uses, If nothing else everyone always need a tape measure around the house. and this one is a great one, nice to have the retracting button.. is a very nice feature on this Body Tape Measure. 

Body Tape Measure Package includes a Body Tape Measure for waist, thigh, arm and other physique measurements, and a Body Fat Test Caliper to confirm weight management progress as your muscles grow and your unwanted body fat goes away. Body Tape measures up to 78 inches (200 cm), and features push-button locking and retraction for easy and accurate measuring. Body Fat Test Caliper employs a simple and time-tested mechanical means of determining body fat, without relying on electrical and battery powered devices. Body Tape measures in both inches (in) and centimeters (cm), and is made of ABS with a vinyl tape for long lasting use. Body Fat Test Caliper includes a body fat chart for men and women that categorizes and helps you understand your body fat levels.

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