Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Win the set of Skincare/Microneedling tools Mesolyft 300 dollars worth @MesoLyft #International #Contest

New way to do Micro Needling is with Mesolyft for the Skin rejuvenation stimulating, will begin to bring out the natural collagen and elastin production. This will not only reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles, but also helps prevent new ones from forming. As we always say on this blog, you should start using antiagingproducts in your mid 20s, and for sure by 30s, That will help keep the skin from aging faster. Using the technique of microlyft will help the skin stay much more youthful. While the serums in this product...will go to work to turn over new cells, on your face, neck, lips, The Serum and the tiny needles, will help maintain the skin's youthful appearance, safe to use nightly, with no down time. 
Oppose to micro needling, you do get some redness, and can only be used 2 times a week. Not that micro needling with larger needles... isn't good for your skin. Because you all know this blog recommends micro needling for anti aging treatments. But this is another products to add to your beauty routine, and you will see results using these daily. You could still use your micro needling with lets say a 0.5mm or a 1.0mm once a week, and the rest of the week , Start using the Mesolyft needles and serum, because we think that is still important. Because the 1.0mm will produce collagen faster... in our opinion.
We all love the results and the ingredients that are used in these serums. Targeting the anti aging issue with Retinol, Mango, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oils, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, just to name a few of the powerhouse ingredients in these serums for your face and décolletage, We all have had bad habits of neglecting our neck and our chest. Until the wrinkles and creases start forming, and that is when we all start realizing how important that area is to use moisturizer on. Plus exfoliating those dead skin cell, will help to bring a youthful look to that area as well as the face. After Each mesolyft treatment, you will notice your skin looking Rested, Radiant, Glowing and Firmer! Mesolyft is also a highly effective rejuvenating for your skin, It will help to tone and tighten sagging skin on the neck, Lips, face, they also have one for the eye area, we did not test that one out yet!! We hope to soon! and we will bring you all the results on that one when we do. As your skin ages. The circulation decreases, and the results the reduction of oxygen and nutrients, will hinder your body's ability to flush out the toxins. 




That is what will cause premature aging of the skin, that is were the term ashy skin come in. I think we all know what happens during micro needling, The skin gets exfoliated, and will open up a bit. To allow better penetration of your skin products to absorb into your skin, giving you fast results. In turn helping with collagen production, reducing dark spots, firming dull and aging skin, Enhancing the skin's naturally to combat signs of aging. 
The high quality Needle size is .15 so it is safe to use daily. Plus no need to use additional serums. Unless you feel you need to. No need for numbing creams etc. All the ingredients are one pump away. A little goes a long ways. how-to-lyft The treatment is completely pain less, Rolls on the skin, releasing the serum through the pump, the results are firmer skin, younger looking skin, who doesn't love that lol, Like any other skin care product, Long term use will show results. 
Great to travel with, easy peasy to use, and a little goes a long ways. Very easy to clean, Just run them under hot water, or we always have a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol for Micro Needling. Love the results and concept of these. 

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