Monday, August 7, 2017

JarGo Mason Jar Canteen @ZingAnything #zinganything #masonjars #BPA-free

Let us introduce you to the latest New bottles for drinking out of..  JarGo is a very stylish and convenient way to take a mason jar on-the-go! Available in five colors, this silicone top comes with a mason jar included and fits any standard size mason jar. We love JarGo they are much more healthy to drink out of than the plastic water containers. Plus easy to clean up... we make a lot of smoothies and you all know smoothies can be a bit hard to clean sometimes. 
But not the case with this JarGo, Just remove the silicone top...and use Hot soapy water inside the JarGo. Or simply place it in the top rack of your dishwasher.. 
These JarGo are great to take while out and about, take your New JarGo everywhere you go!!
We really like the idea that you can change the silicone Top to other sizes of mason jars. Brilliant idea in this Silicone JarGo design. Fits right into the car cup holders, take your cold brew beverage in them, or Cold beverage... For male or female uses. 
One thing we suggest is if you want to take a hot beverage in the JarGo, We suggest you put the silicone top on a traditional original mason Jar, mason jars can hold heat, after all you use them for canning hot foods. Original JarGo jar, is better for cold beverages... in our opinions! But generally that is what most people take on the go.. Cold beverages!
We all know that mason jars are here to stay. They are used for many uses... from diy to just plain drinking from. Even restaurant use mason jars for serving drinks in.. You will love all the variety of colors this JarGo comes in. Something for every one's taste. Easy Peasy clean up. The Jargo creates a 23 ounce container and ... This product is Dishwasher safe & BPA/EA free and fits any standard lid mason jar . The JarGo will be your new best friend to take places. Colors to fit anybodies moods, you will want all five of these colors of JarGo's 
We are mason jars collectors, and these are one of our Top mason jars to drink out of, and we are sure you will love them as much as we do.. How freaking cute are these :) Grab your favorite straw, or just drink straight from the JarGo.

Buy your JarGo here today, Price point is $9.99 

Transform mason jars into portable, drinkable bottles with the JarGo Mason Jar Canteen! Now shipping! Save 20% off with code JARGO20 product/jargo

Transform mason jars into portable, drinkable bottles with the JarGo. From cold brew coffee to morning smoothies, the JarGo makes sipping out of your mason jars easy, stylish, and fun. 

We also like we can take a detox water in them, Simple open the silicone top and place in oranges, lemons, cucumbers, mints in your water etc.
This 23 ounce container adds to the volume of a standard mason jar, with a leak-proof cap, and an easy-carrying loop. Add some fruit to your water or iced tea for a refreshing drink, or pour some milk and coffee over iced for a delicious morning jump start.

USING YOUR JARGO Firmly attach silicone topper to jar lid. Fill with your favorite beverage. You're ready to go! CLEANING To empty, drain any excess liquid and remove silicone topper from jar. Use hot soapy water or a dishwasher to clean all parts thoroughly. 

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