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As we head into the cooler months the weather change impacts our skin. We may notice changes to texture, tone, perhaps some breakouts and over all ruddiness and damage from being outside enjoying the summer. Here are some of the most common post summer skin issues I see in my practice along with some solutions for them.

1. Sunspots and wrinkles.

Days at the beach or pool can lead to sunspots even if you apply sunscreen. We cannot reach every spot and sometimes we forget to reapply after swimming. Also, even when wearing polarized sunglasses, we may put them on our heads; temporarily squinting leading to crow’s feet.
If you’re noticing some new spots, freckles and wrinkles reach for a retinoid. Your dermatologist can offer prescription strength creams. Deeper wrinkles like the ones between the eyes usually require something like Botox but, you can minimize the appearance with creams that feature glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acid. These are wonder vitamins for the skin stimulate skin shedding and cellular turn over. A serum used at night will help; but be patient and use it regularly to see a gradual change. Chemical peels and intense light treatments (IPL) can handle any discoloration.

2. Clogged pores and dullness.

During the summertime, we perspire plus we are exposed to daily pollution in the air. When you combine these factors plus daily use of make-up, pores get clogged. Beneath the skin are our sebaceous glands which secrete an oil called sebum. Sebum sticks to dead skin cells like glue and funnels these dead skin cells through the pores. This is a process that is supposed to help you maintain healthy skin. The problem is when the weather and elements speed up the process pores become clogged. The dead skin cells get trapped along with bacteria and this leads to dull, ruddy skin with breakouts. An exfoliating face wash with glycolic acid or salicylic acid helps tremendously. Your dermatologist can create a skin care regimen based on your specific skin type and issues so you don’t deregulate pH levels in the skin which will only make things worse leading to…

3. Acne flare ups.

Consistent heat and humidity combined with cell phone use and touching our faces after touching dirty surfaces, leads to a post-summer breakout. These breakouts can be cystic which means bigger, deeper, more painful pimples. It also can lead to a cycle of breakouts that include, treat, pick, peel, scar, and heal only to see another pimple and another. Over the counter acne treatments such as face washes with sulfur, black charcoal masks and soaps, spot treatments with benzoyl peroxide can certainly help. However, when the breakouts are consistent a dermatologist can assess your skin and present solutions that may even involve nutritional changes, vitamins and light therapy for mild or moderate acne.

4. Dry lips.

We all know about winter time lip chapping. In the summer lips can get incredibly dry. Using a lip balm with SPF is very helpful but unless we are applying it regularly while at the beach, pool, or working out outdoors, one swipe under lip gloss isn’t enough. Drinking water, and keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum helps keep us hydrated. When we are dehydrated, we see it on our lips. Pay close attention to any freckles or discoloration to the lips after prolonged sun exposure. If you see any odd changes, see your dermatologist.

5. Ashy, flaky, itchy, skin.

If you are often in chlorine or salt water you’ll find your skin to feel rough and dry almost as if it is shedding. Also, going from extreme heat to cool air conditioning leads to skin going from perspiration to goosebumps. This rapid drop in temperature affects skin. Taking luke-warm showers and using a gentle exfoliating skin wash followed by a hydrating moisturizer keeps skin supple. Add a few drops of vitamin E to your lotion for added nourishment.
When it comes to the face, peeling foreheads and noses points to sun damage. Oftentimes people wait until something is visible to them or when an is followed by a dry patch. Dermatologists can look at things with a more discerning eye plus magnifiers that enable them to flag something that could escalate into something more. If everyone put October on their calendars as the month to see a dermatologist for a skin check we would see many skin conditions be solved quicker. This includes melanomas.

About the expert:

Dr. Margarita Lolis, M.D. is a board-certified cosmetic, medical dermatologist and a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon with over 20 years of experience. In her practice, she addresses common skin concerns such as acne prevention and treatment in both teens and adults, sun-damage, skin discoloration, wrinkles, changes to skin texture and loss of volume. On the medical side, she is a trusted expert in melanoma and over-all skin health. Dr. Lolis prides herself in honoring facial symmetry to deliver a natural look to her clients. She always recommends a healthy skin care regimen plus lifestyle habits that are aligned with her holistic approach to beauty.

As an anti-aging, functional medicine physician, Dr. Lolis masterfully addresses age management, starting with internal issues, such as hormone and gut health, nutrition, and detoxification leading to a vibrant appearance from the inside out.
A graduate of Yale University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Lolis has authored numerous book chapters and medical articles in leading dermatology journals, and completed a melanoma research fellowship prior to residency.

Dr. Lolis is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, American College of Mohs Surgery, and the American Society of Anti-aging. Her practice, Skin, Laser, and Surgery Specialists is in New York City and Bergen Country, New Jersey.

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ZestyPaws all natural Pet Supplements #omegabites #mobilitybites #salmonoil @ZestyPaws

Zestypaws makes amazing pets supplements and more.
I would have to say Koda Bear was very happy dogie to get these zestypaws supplements. He smelled the box when it got here! This company has amazing product.
All natural and great for your pets, you all know my doggie Koda has hip dysplasia.. I can see it is helping him, I also know with these product he is getting much needed healthy stuff, I do believe they are good for your pets. Like us we all like to stay healthy, but with the amount of junk they put into foods in the market.. Same hold true for your animals, there is a lot of junk in dog foods in the stores. 

So having an all natural product like zestypaws is so worth it. I took this to the Vet apt the other day, just to see what my Vet had to say, He said let me checking it out, because he said there are a lot of products for animals that claim to be all natural, but are not... he said this would be fine to give koda bear. 
Dogs that have arthritis and muscle pain, you can be comfortable providing your dog with a superior natural pain reliever such as these. 
Works to relieve pain. anti-inflammatory herbs which makes it easy to chew as you all know Koda came from a rescue center he is a pit bull mix, He was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia in both hips, So we are always looking for natural ways to keep his hips moving, the cold can be very hard on him. 

So we tried these zesty paws products, omega-bites, mobility-bites pure-salmon-oil Seem to be working, zesty paws mobility-bites he really loves them.. so that is a win win right there, Having the omega-bites he is getting in his Omega-3 fatty acids and all his nutrients in this chewy tab, Biotin, Cod Liver Oil, Fish Oil, Flax seed to name a few, gives my dog healthy Skin, Fur, Bones etc. 
Build and repair connective tissue reduce inflammation and pain Increases pet mobility and desire for play Protect pet from further cartilage breakdown. 
Koda was not a fan of taking the Salmon Oil, tried sneaking it into his meals, He just knew it was in there. Silly Dog, This product has one healthy ingredient.. Wild Salmon Oil. High recommend all of these products from zesypaws 

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Win Black EvolutionShaving Brush #USA #Shavingbrush #giveaway @LegacyShave

Please, let us introduce you to the very first universal brush attachment for both foam and gel shaving creams. New way to avoid messy hands from shaving creams super easy peasy to use... You can use on any shaving Can you desire to.
Great for men and women to shave with, We really like how easy and clean this legacy shaving brush is, it gets the job done fast and without the mess. Soft to touch bristles brush, Please check out their beautiful variety of custom brushes..for every ones taste, custom-brushes 
It also will save you on all your shaving creams and gels. 
Legacy is great to have for your home use, not to mention for all around traveling Use. 
No batteries needed or power to use this. It is not rocket science to attach this to any shaving can... Its like anything else once you learn it... gets a lot easier the next time around, work smarter not harder!! Great idea this company came up with. shop till you drop, these will make a great one of a kind gifts for any occasions. 

Time to get social with Legacy:

The LEGACY SHAVE EVOLUTION BRUSH offers “The Ultimate Shaving Experience” by stimulating and lifting the hair follicles allowing the users an enhanced experience with the cleanest, closest shave possible. It also reduces the amount of shaving cream or gel used, saving the users money. Most important, it makes shaving fun again. It is the first universal brush attachment for both foam and gel shaving cream cans. It gives a more elegant shaving experience: hands free of foam or gel.
The Legacy Shave Evolution Brush is truly the next evolution in shaving. It combines old world technology of the shaving brush with today’s modern shaving cream/gel cans. In the comforts of their homes or while traveling, “The Evolution Brush” enables the users to go straight from the can through the brush to the face/body. This allows the users to bring back that old world heritage charm that shaving instills in all of us, reminding us of our grandparents’ age of shaving.

One of many custom Colors

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New #Reviews and #Giveaways are Coming soon

New Reviews and Giveaways are Coming soon, On Beauty Stuff, Bath, Men's shaving stuff. Women Swimsuits, Natural Body Products....  and much much more.
Keep checking your emails for the reviews and Giveaways!!

Everyone have a sweet fun your weekend :) xo

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ReddyCosmetics Lippie #reddycosmetics #kbeauty #mattelipstick #beautyblogger #lipstickaddict #08L

Reddy Cosmetics Lippie

Well first it finally was delivered via mail yesterday... So I had time to try it out on my lips, I Really like the soft color that I received, and the scent of it.. It did wear off after a few hours, but that is to expected, after all it is not a stain, At first I didn't like the way it felt a bit dry on my lips, but as I left it on... I really did like the way it felt on my lips after time. It felt soft and moisturizing.. Hard to explain unless you try it for yourself...So would I recommend this product... Yes, I would. One end has a blend brush on it.. you can see that in the pictures. I think this color would work well.... for many skin color types. It is a very sheer pretty color 

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Top 5 Back to School Stressors and How to Bust Them #Stress #School #ad

Top 5 Back to School Stressors and How to Bust Them

While the start of a new school year comes with excitement for kids, it also comes with stress. It’s common for kids to feel overwhelmed this time of year especially as they navigate the challenges that crop up with a new school year. This stress can manifest itself in stomach aches, headaches, loss of appetite, even depression. Here are 5 common top back to school stressors and how parents can help their kids to bust them. 

1. Facing the bully.

For kids who are bullied, summer break also means a break from the relentless verbal and at times physical abuse that can be crushing to a kid’s self-worth. Oftentimes kids won’t tell parents that they are being bullied because they are embarrassed or fear telling school administrators will only escalate the bullying. As the school start date approaches, pay attention to your kid’s anxiety level. Communicate and ask them what they are looking forward to this school year. Ask them who are they most excited to see when they return to school. Listen for any negativity and seek to understand where it comes from. Ask if they ever witnessed bullying and what they would do if they did. If your child reveals that they don’t want to see a certain group of kids ask why and get as much information as you can. You want to show your kid that they have your support without judgment.

2. Extra work!

Kids who once did great may enter the new year and feel overwhelmed with the additional school work. Perhaps they aren’t grasping the material as quickly as they once did. This is common especially in math at the junior high level. Once parents can no longer help kids with homework, they may want to invest in tutoring. Before selecting a tutor it’s wise to have your child be evaluated to get clarity on how they learn best. Some kids are visual learners making a math tutor who helps the student to “see” how the equations play out in visual analogy are tremendously helpful. Another solution that can benefit the whole family is hiring a time management or accountability coach to help the entire family to manage schedules effectively.

3. Tuition bills.

With the skyrocketing cost of education, many kids listen to parents discussing the stress they feel about college tuition and then take on that stress themselves. Money is a stressful topic because it is usually never spoken about openly and honestly. Some students may wonder if college is even a right option for them but fear voicing this opinion. Many feel that higher education leaves them ill prepared for “the real world.” Many parents and kids question the value of the six-figure tuition price tag. There has been a slow shift away from traditional education in favor of entrepreneurship. Perhaps an internship at a small business a few days per week after school can provide them with more hands-on experience on a path that truly interests them and can be even more lucrative. Showing your kids there are many ways to achieve success, presents options they may not have ever known existed. 

4. The unknown.

Whether your child is starting school for the first time or entering junior high, high school or even college; anxiety is common when we are uncertain. Anxiety doesn’t discriminate and older kids get anxious about the unknown just the same as the younger kids do. It’s common for small children to have separation anxiety at the start of school and for homesickness to strike college freshman living away for the first time. Touring the school, getting to know teachers in advance, and getting as much information beforehand helps kids to mentally prepare for what they can expect.

5.  Social status and drama.

The return to school comes with the return to more kids and more social drama. Usually in the summer, kids stick to their immediate group of best friends. During the school year, they are forced to get along with everyone. The gossip and constant pressure to fit in can cause anxiety. Simple things like choosing clothing, hairstyle and over all appearance can cause a lot of pressure. Teens especially are trying to get a handle on body image and are often feel anxious about being judged by other kids. It’s important to be supportive and understanding while reaffirming your child’s strengths and larger goals. When your kids are busy focused on what they want to achieve and what they enjoy doing, they’re less likely to have time to concern themselves with the opinions of others.

About the expert: 

Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD is a NYC based licensed clinical psychologist, teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College and the founder and Clinical Director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services, P.C. a neuropsychological, developmental and educational center in Manhattan and Queens. 

Dr. Hafeez masterfully applies her years of experience connecting psychological implications to address some of today’s common issues such as body image, social media addiction, relationships, workplace stress, parenting and psychopathology (bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, etc…). In addition, Dr. Hafeez works with individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), learning disabilities, attention and memory problems, and abuse. Dr. Hafeez often shares her credible expertise to various news outlets in New York City and frequently appears on CNN and Dr.Oz.

Connect with her via twitter @comprehendMind or www

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JarGo Mason Jar Canteen @ZingAnything #zinganything #masonjars #BPA-free

Let us introduce you to the latest New bottles for drinking out of..  JarGo is a very stylish and convenient way to take a mason jar on-the-go! Available in five colors, this silicone top comes with a mason jar included and fits any standard size mason jar. We love JarGo they are much more healthy to drink out of than the plastic water containers. Plus easy to clean up... we make a lot of smoothies and you all know smoothies can be a bit hard to clean sometimes. 
But not the case with this JarGo, Just remove the silicone top...and use Hot soapy water inside the JarGo. Or simply place it in the top rack of your dishwasher.. 
These JarGo are great to take while out and about, take your New JarGo everywhere you go!!
We really like the idea that you can change the silicone Top to other sizes of mason jars. Brilliant idea in this Silicone JarGo design. Fits right into the car cup holders, take your cold brew beverage in them, or Cold beverage... For male or female uses. 
One thing we suggest is if you want to take a hot beverage in the JarGo, We suggest you put the silicone top on a traditional original mason Jar, mason jars can hold heat, after all you use them for canning hot foods. Original JarGo jar, is better for cold beverages... in our opinions! But generally that is what most people take on the go.. Cold beverages!
We all know that mason jars are here to stay. They are used for many uses... from diy to just plain drinking from. Even restaurant use mason jars for serving drinks in.. You will love all the variety of colors this JarGo comes in. Something for every one's taste. Easy Peasy clean up. The Jargo creates a 23 ounce container and ... This product is Dishwasher safe & BPA/EA free and fits any standard lid mason jar . The JarGo will be your new best friend to take places. Colors to fit anybodies moods, you will want all five of these colors of JarGo's 
We are mason jars collectors, and these are one of our Top mason jars to drink out of, and we are sure you will love them as much as we do.. How freaking cute are these :) Grab your favorite straw, or just drink straight from the JarGo.

Buy your JarGo here today, Price point is $9.99 

Transform mason jars into portable, drinkable bottles with the JarGo Mason Jar Canteen! Now shipping! Save 20% off with code JARGO20 product/jargo

Transform mason jars into portable, drinkable bottles with the JarGo. From cold brew coffee to morning smoothies, the JarGo makes sipping out of your mason jars easy, stylish, and fun. 

We also like we can take a detox water in them, Simple open the silicone top and place in oranges, lemons, cucumbers, mints in your water etc.
This 23 ounce container adds to the volume of a standard mason jar, with a leak-proof cap, and an easy-carrying loop. Add some fruit to your water or iced tea for a refreshing drink, or pour some milk and coffee over iced for a delicious morning jump start.

USING YOUR JARGO Firmly attach silicone topper to jar lid. Fill with your favorite beverage. You're ready to go! CLEANING To empty, drain any excess liquid and remove silicone topper from jar. Use hot soapy water or a dishwasher to clean all parts thoroughly. 

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It’s raining @michaeltoddbeauty deals at @hsn and do I have a fantastic DEAL for you!

It’s raining @michaeltoddbeauty deals at @hsn and do I have a fantastic DEAL for you! Don't miss it
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Win healthy @neocell #Collagen #Ceramides, healthybody #GiveawayAlert

We all know the importance of taking supplements that helps you build back.. What are body naturally has and  overtime the body loses the body building nutrients, Moisture, elasticity, The skin becomes less plump and more sagging, not firm, as the body start to age and lose its youthfulness, in a nutshell. 
So this is why it is very important to start taking healthy natural supplement to help keep the body, skin looking its best. Like ceramides and most important is to build up your collagen, NeoCell-Collagen-Builder can do all that, We all should really make sure we start building up Collagen. We are all about building up natural Collagen. Collagen is the binder for the body and skin. This Collagen builder is loaded with Biotin, another must have for the body and skin. Because Biotin keeps the skin, nails, hair healthy.
amount of biotin in this Collagen Builder is a good amount.  

Vitamin C (as calcium ascorbate) 30 mg 50%
Biotin 1,500 mcg 500%
BioActive NeoCell Collagen Type 1&3 3,000 mg 
Hyaluronic Acid 30 mg 

Ceramides fortify the skin’s outer most layer and act as a water barrier to prevent the evaporation of moisture through the epidermis, keeping the skin hydrated and supple. Ceramides also prevent the breakdown of the skin’s collagen matrix by inhibiting collagenase, an enzyme that degrades collagen. CERAMIDES are specific lipids naturally present in the skin, essential to the lipid barrier or moisture barrier of the skin. NeoCell Ceramides formulas use plant based lipids clinically tested to increase smoothness, moisture, and elasticity. 

This is very good and you will see the results in a matter of  weeks/ months.. I combined mine with other add-ons like Women one a day vitamin, wild yam pills, Vitamin D3, Collagen, and don't forget the Resveratrol-Antioxidant all these and your Nails, Skin, Hair, Body etc will look amazing!
Here is a little suggestion for those who don't like taking to many supplements, what I do is just empty the powdered cap, I take them apart and spread the powdered in my yogurt, or my smoothie, you are still getting it all, without having to swallow pills lol  
NeoCell on Facebook
NeoCellHealth on Twitter
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NeoCell Collagen on YouTube 

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5 Bottles Beetology Cold Pressed Juices plus T-shirt @beetology #beetology #giveaway #usa

How many times have you wanted a healthy juice...But you noticed they are chuck full of processed sugars, artificially flavors, full of calories. and not healthy for you at all. These five Beet juices are non diary, No soy in them, and certified kosher. Non GMO, Organic Certified, USDA approved, and fair trade. No artificially flavors, No Aspartame, We would like to introduce you to the NEW Beetology Beverages: Simple Nutrition- Packed Juices Made from all Natural Organic Superfood- Beets, Organic and Cold Pressed In the five varieties seen in the pictures. New healthy choices, with all Natural Organic Beet juices, Beetology Beverages have Loads of Nutrition Packed in their Juices, Made From all Natural Superfood Beets. Kayco is the leading Kosher food distributor in America. Keep your energy up and keeps you healthy, win win  

Made with the finest healthy ingredients. and that my friend is worth drinking. The benefits of eating beets and juicing beets has been around for a long time. But to bottle it with some other powerhouse ingredients makes it a lot more healthier. Great for those who suffer from high blood pressure, They do have a variety of organic healthy juices, all five that are mentioned here.
Beets / Ginger/ Lemon, Beets/ Berry, Beet / Cherry
Beet / Veggie, Beet / Tropical Fruit. 
I know you have to be thirsty now lol. These flavors go great together nicely. having just the right amount of flavor, and we couldn't even taste the beets lol. But we do love the taste of beets so these are yummy.
I do know the benefits of Beets, trust me I take some everyday, because of a rare blood disease, it helps my platelets do their job they are suppose too. Plus I am getting benefits for my skin, body and all around health. This is a much better way to get the organic beets juices in you. I don't know about you, but I tried juicing organic beets etc. and you need so many of them just to make a glass of juice. Plus finding all natural organic beets in my area is a challenge at times. 
Here are some benefits to consuming these beets juices. Please note I am not a Dr. but I know a lot about health and natural homeopathic uses, actually my Dr. always tell me I could teach a class on natural organic cures. OK, Here are some of the benefits to using beets juices in your daily drinks, Will help maintain Healthy Blood Pressure and Normal Blood Flow, also assist in Bone Development and Healthy Functioning Kidneys Support the Immune System, helps to maintain Normal Glucose & Cholesterol Levels, Promote Normal Cell Growth and Keeps your Eyes & Skin Healthy.
Improves Iron absorption and maintain Strong Healthy Teeth and Gums, Support the Digestive System and you all know this blog is for all healthy choices. 
We all personally think these beet juices are amazing In taste! Flavor, We are super jazzed there is No yucky after taste. Because we hate anything with after taste. Beetology blended mixes of beets juice and some other healthy organic fruits.. With these Healthy Organic Beet juices, you will be getting loads of Nutrients and Anti-oxidant power, in every one of these five juices. Healthy and a must have for all ages

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