Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ozeri The Stone Earth Pan Review

Ozeri The Stone Earth Pan Review

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The Stone Earth Pan 10" Frying Pan
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The stone earth pan by Ozeri I like  the way its made a few good feature first off would be its a safe frying pan free from PFOA is a very harmful chemical found in many cookwares on the market popular one at that. I don't want to get into the scientific of the dangers of PFOA but maybe you should google it I recommend you do, Other feature of this Stone earth pan I like was the way the rivets are made in this pan I cant tell you how many pans I have not been impressed with, I don't like when they take expensive pans and they leave the rivets sticking out for food gets stuck in there. I didn't have that issue with Ozeri the stone earth pan seems to be flush with the rivets, I know its the little things that make a good pan another feature that I liked was its Die cast aluminum base that helps for good conducting heating source without having hot spots your food cooks evenly. The Stone Earth Pan it has a natural coating making it more durable and of course scratch resistant now you should not use metal in it, and the other thing I liked was you don't need very much oils or butters to cook with, this Stone Earth Pan helps for people who need to watch their fat intakes, first and foremost always wipe down your pans before using them with some soap and water, but don't forget every Pan should start out by prepping it with 1/2 tsp of olive oil or coconut oil etc to prepare it you only will need to do that once follow the direction that come with the Pan. and I never put my Pans in the dishwasher I think it ruins the pan, OK in all honestly this Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri seems to perform and cook foods without sticking to the pan, I did the test with cooking Eggs omelet's and some Italian sausages with wine sauce, I don't think you need pics of that lol but it worked very well and easy clean up. and I personally would like to review the two other size Stone earth Pans reason being is I have had 8" and 10" 12" from the same company but somehow the Smaller and larger didn't perform as well as the other did. Crazy! they all where the same brand from a well known pan company. Not to say these Stone Earth Pans by Ozeri will do that I am just basing it off of experience with other brands, having said that would I recommend this Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri? and the answer is yes I would. I cooked up a lot of meals in this Stone Earth Pan this weekend so far it is working great after repeated hand washing and drying. Long term use only time will tell But I like it right now it is a very nice looking Pan and so far of what I know of Ozeri products they seem to be very nicely made. Look for more review soon on a new product from Ozeri coming soon xoxo

10" Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri, with 100% PFOA-Free Stone-Derived Non-Stick Coating from Germany

by Ozeri

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