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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

California’s strict new law starting Jan.1st 2017: Drivers, No hands on Cellphone while driving, #CarMount only

California’s strict new law starting Jan.1st 2017: Drivers,  No hands on Cellphone while driving, #CarMount only

California's New Traffic law makes drives buy Car Mounts, All for good reasoning behind this law is to keep drivers eyes focused on the road in front of them and not on their smartphone. 
Seriously there has been so many accidents do to taking their eyes off the road. Come on really a phone message or text is worth it. not hardly, everyone has done this once or twice in their lives. 
How many times have you honked your horn at someone who was texting and driving crazy? Or worse yet you witness an accident. So what does this means for drivers in California is that you will need to pick up a car mount for your smartphone. 
They are pretty cheap, Like this one from amazon, Of course you can find them on other sites, I have a feeling they could sale out quick. 
With this New Law enforced, it allows you to be less distracted, but still use your smartphone for things like GPS navigation, media, texts, etc. 
Currently this law is only in effect in California, but if this does help reduce the number of Smartphone accidents and deaths in Calif. I am thinking we could see it come to Many more States and even other countries somewhere down the road. Time will tell, This should be interested to see how good this Law works.
We will see how good this works in California. So again, Starting the first day of Jan 1st, 2017, drivers no longer are allowed to hold their cellphones in their hands for NO reason, including using any phone apps, such as music playlists, Texting etc. Or it could cost you!!

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