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Sunday, April 12, 2015

0.5mm Derma-Roller-Micro-Needle Review #skincare #natural #needling @DermaRoller


The 0.5mm needles will irritate the skin just enough so that it tricks the skin into rejuvenating itself. Almost like when you scratch your skin it goes through its healing process naturally. Same idea with a-Derma-Roller-Micro-Needle your skin know to repair itself!! This product doesn't cause bleeding if used right, By using this product it does cause the skin to produce its own natural collagen!! this is a good thing that your skin protects itself this way! Collagen help the skin stay youthful and healthy. also by doing this using DermaRollerSystem your natural products absorbs into the skin much better than just exfoliating the skin!! and please note using all organic natural products are far better than products with junk fillers in them in my opinion. I would recommend not using this Derma Roller on your eyelids or eyes area, Now I know some disagree with that. but the eye area skin is so much more thinner!! so be very careful, Also don't use on severe acne skin, or skin that has a flair up of eczema etc!! you don't want to flair up your skin, mild acne is fine!! Please Do Not share your Derma Rollers with anyone!! It should be your own personal beauty product you use for yourself, You can use this like maybe like once a week in the beginning until you get use to using it, I wouldn't recommend a daily use when you first start!! your skin needs time to do its thing of healing naturally. Using your Derma Roller you might feel a slight uncomfortable prickling sensation, But not bad I guess it all depends on your pain tolerant!! Remember by using a Derm Roller you are doing a needling treatment that is known as CIT-Collagen induction therapy!! use to reduce scarring such as acne scars!! many types of scars, shoot even those annoying chicken pox scars can heal, and lets not forget Cellulite and stretch marks. I have heard the Derma Rollers work great on people who have Keloid scars and many other scars!! My friends have said they used it for those scars and they helped a lot, It is effective for treating wrinkles how freaking sweet is that? It is also important to use the right size needle for Derma Roller!! Here is a chart for using the right size needle-sizes Every size works for many uses, Like for an anti -aging benefits 0.5mm to bring back the youth in your face and skin. and I RECOMMEND YOU USE THIS AT NIGHT,Because your skin will be pink from the blood flow etc as seen in my pic.. for your skin has time to heal as you sleep, bringing your skin elasticity and collagen to a more youthful appearance!! It has a nice sweet grip to it. Rolls smoothly and easy peasy to clean up!! and clean up is very important!! it comes shipped in a secure box and has a very nice hard plastic storage container to place it in to when not in use, ships fast!! Please just remember to clean it!! I clean my personally with alcohol, I soak it in a small bowl with alcohol, I highly recommend you give this Derma Roller a try, nothing to loose and everything to gain!! Just go about it slowly your first time. and use their moisturizer Mask, afterwards, 
I received these two products from a PR company FREE FOR MY REVIEW PURPOSE!! and highly recommend you give them a try xoxo 
The Derma Roller System (DRS) can be used by both women and men and has numerous beneficial effects including: - Anti Ageing - Anti Wrinkle - Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal - Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration - Hyper Pigmentation Treatment - Scar Removal - including acne scar removal - Skin Smoothing - Stretch Mark Removal

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