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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

3D Home #Theater #Headgear #Smartphones #3D #technolgy #amazon #review

3D Home Theater Headgear Review:

Personal 3D home theater headgear for one viewer at a time. 
Depending on the game you play. It is almost like you can reach out and touch the object. These 3D Headgear are light weight. Seem to work just like they where designed to do. 
Velcro straps to adjust to every ones size heads. 
The padding on the glasses that presses against the face is nice and thick, full and provides a great deal of comfort while wearing. 
The top of the glasses has a turning wheel for focus, and end of the glasses slides outwards to move the phone closer or farther away from your face, for better viewing Everything is within your reach, while playing the game. The sides are well vented, and no light can be seen through them. The front plate comes off for a much better ventilation system, and to also help keep the weight down. While wearing these for awhile. 
If you are really into seeing your games and more, and you want to see what VR is all about, this is an inexpensive good way to see what the 3D world look like lol 
I also think that having the feature with the knob, helps
to adjust the lenses inside to fit your eyes or pupil distance is an must have, it moves them both together or apart. again very important. because all are eyes are different. 
I know my first time every seeing 3D shows was at Disneyland, I though that that was amazing. Ok, of course you are not having headgear on. But a pair of 3D glasses with different color lenses. Well you get the idea this works in the privacy of your own home or where ever you want. Because it all done through your phone.
have hours of fun. Many 3D games out there to choose from. From Free to paying ones,  Just download the game and apps. Have fun, of course they are not high tech, but they are a good start 
Side note if you have never tried 3D VR? To me the directions in this company product. Should be written a bit better. They can be confusing to many.  didn't have any dizziness feeling with these on. For more specs and info, Vist their amazon link below.

Here where to buy your at 

Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset wih Adjustable Lens and Strap for iPhone 6/ 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy 3.5-5.5 inches Smartphones (Second Version)

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