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Friday, November 27, 2015

6-in-1 Electronic Soldering Kit with Tool Box

Electronic Soldering Iron kit, with a good range for heating element. This Welding iron comes with 6 in 1  different size tips, for a variety of uses!! It is very helpful for those small items that need Soldering done, like some jewelry that needs to be fixed, electronic that needs fixed etc. The possibilities are limited to the many uses for this 6 in 1 electronic soldering kit with tool box..  It would make a great everyday use for many small  jobs!! This one works great, It works good for all my needs that I tried it on. The only thing I would change on this Welding Soldering Iron Product. Would be that little dial for temperature be a bit bigger in the numbers. and it has No On and Off Switch, You must unplug the Soldering Iron.. It very small and it is hard to get it to stay at the temperature you set it at on that dial other than that it a keeper for me. 
The soldering tip is fantastic and the fact that it is interchangeable is even better. The solder it comes with is actually very good quality and works well. 
The kit comes with  everything pictured!! iron, stand, solder etc.. You will be good to be good to go. to start using it right out of the box.. Everything comes complete in the box

Mudder 6-in-1 Electronic Soldering Kit with Tool Box including Black 60W Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron, Solder Sucker, Solder, Stand and Tips, I recommend if you are looking for a well priced Soldering kit with case. This is a good one to check out. It won't disappoint in all it offers 

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Work voltage: 110V 
Power: 60W 
Temp range: 200~450℃ 
Tips model: 900M series 
Box material: Plastic 
Y stand: Steel 
Solder sucker: Plastic and aluminum alloy 
Solder wire: 60%Sn-40%Pb-2.0%Flux-1mm dia.- 0.71 oz 

Package included 
1 x Tool carry box 
1 x Adjustable temperature soldering iron (60W 110V) 
1 x Solder wire (60%Sn-40%Pb-2.0%Flux-1mm dia.-0.71 oz) 
1 x Y stand 
1 x Solder sucker 
5 x Extra soldering iron tips (Total 6 Pieces) 
The soldering iron heats up fast, please select a suitable temperature as needed. Working for long hours and high temperature may shorten its life, so please power off and cool it if necessary. It is a good habit to wash your hands after welding operation.