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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Adjustable Brightness Light #amazon @Etekcity, Color Changing Base, Etekcity Living Color #LED Table

Omg! Living color base touch lamp is amazing! It works all by micro USB charging cable. The living color base touch lamp.. Charges quickly with a standard micro USB cable. It runs for several hours on one charge. It is very handy and convenient, and I have already found myself using it in different parts of my house where I needed a light that is bright. And the best part for me is no outlet needed for it to be carried around to other rooms. Making it very useful for using with my laptop or iPad when I need that extra light. 
The goose neck is very bendable and adjustable for angling.. Easy to use and very nice to use in a dark room or outside at night time. With the color spectrum controls it give you option for whatever mood you are in lol seriously works and the battery stays charged for a long time. I got three reviews done with one charge on the blog.
So that was a win win for me. I like that I can control the lighting for my any room I use it in. Sometimes I need to have more lighting in different rooms, and the plugs are to far away. So having the micro USB is a serious plus for me. another feature on this touch lamp that I like, To turn this on you simply just flip to the bottom and flip the switch to on or off.
The light has three way lighting. From Low, Med, High, and the LED makes the light soft and bright. Remember it is a three way lightning. Just by the touch of your fingers. I would recommend this living color base lamp to anyone. From a kids room to a family room. This lamp will do a excellent job of putting light where you need it. Without needing a plug for electricity. 

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