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Monday, October 29, 2012


About info, Amazing info on this company:
Check those solid soles nothing cheap
Well, You cant see but their is Leopard shoes string.
Product for your suede Boots
Nice Color, They come in Black 

Tom Romeo founded the BEARPAW brand in 2001 with the intention of redefining casual footwear by utilizing sheepskin, nature’s own technical fabric, to create comfortable and stylish shoes. Sheepskin naturally regulates body temperature so feet stay cooler and drier in the heat and warmer in the cold. In one of the most competitive footwear market segments, BEARPAW has carved out a niche area by providing customers with comfort and sensibility to set itself apart. From slippers to boots to casual footwear, only the finest materials are used to produce BEARPAW shoes. Built to deliver quality and style, every pair of BEARPAW shoes focuses on comfort and fit, using the highest standards of craftsmanship.
The Classic Collection leads the pack with comfortable styles featuring sheepskin linings and classic detailing.

The Boutique Collection features eye-catching silhouettes in stunning shapes and exotic materials.

The Campus Collection was designed for a “laid back” atmosphere in mind… quick, easy, and most important, comfortable.

The Tahoe Collection was inspired by those ski trips and hanging out in the lodge. Combining a more traditional, rugged outsole with the highest quality materials to deliver style and comfort.

The Slipper Collection is summed up by stating “…these aren’t your parent’s house shoes.” This collection offers unprecedented comfort with all-around functionality.
BEARPAW footwear is now seen as a lifestyle, one that reflects who you are and what’s important to you. It’s about sitting in front of a fireplace with friends in a winter cabin. It’s about that end of summer party at the edge of the lake. It’s about watching those last waves at your favorite beach spot before putting your board away for the winter. It’s about you and the lifestyle you lead.
Now with an extensive line of footwear that covers multiple categories, BEARPAW is available throughout the United States and in thirteen countries around the world. BEARPAW will continue to offer the utmost in comfort while new products leverage their philosophy of creating stylish designs in premium materials for women, men and children. 

Richardson BEARPAW

OK, lets get into these winter boots, I was dying to try these out. But I must tell you my weather was not cooperating, For what seemed like forever. It was like come on. When is this heat wave going to end. Well, Finally the last three days have been cool enough to finally test these BEARPAW Boots out. I must say they where worth the wait. I really liked the soles on these boots, and the fur and comfy feel of them. I have to be honest here. If I wear checking their site this wouldn't have been my choice of boots from BEARPAW. Only because I tend to go with the pull on types or the heel types, But I am very happy I received these. Because of the great feel of the solid boot, This boot is a  well made comfy all around hiking boot, Jean Boot, OK leggings boots. I am actually loving these with my jeggings and blazer jackets. I also loved changing them up a couple of times, By lets say piping out my boots. Fashionista style with some bows and flowers, Add some different shoes string. Hey you can go to the store and buy leopard shoe strings, And so many other colors that go fabulous with these Boots.They make these boots look so much different, This BEARPAW Richardson Boot. Can be dressed up different ways. So not only for rugged looks. But many outfits. Yea I would diffidently recommend these BEARPAW, For that matter. I diffidently recommend this company and all of their line of boots. They are to cool for words. They have all you need comfy fit, Well made material. Super boots.

The Richardson is perfect for any fall outing. The rugged outsole and durable suede upper will keep you warm and will give you the freedom to live a little this fall. 
Product Details:
  • 4 1/2" tall
  • Oily pressed suede upper
  • Short lace boot
  • Sheepskin and wool blend lining
  • Sheepskin footbed
  • Leather heel logo
  • TPR molded rubber fashion tread outsole

To find info on this great company, I have to Give them a huge shout out, This
BEARPAW, Company Rocks,

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*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.