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Showing posts with label Bundle Of 3 #Natural Deodorants 1 roll on #Organic #National perfume #LoveMyselfOrganics #USA #win. Show all posts

Friday, July 22, 2016

Bundle Of 3 #Natural Deodorants 1 roll on #Organic #National perfume #LoveMyselfOrganics #USA #win

LoveMyselfOrganics Deodorants and Roll on Perfume Review and Giveaway 

All you have to do is search any search engine on deodorant sold in the stores, and you will see tons articles pointing to how bad the commercial store deodorant are for your health. That is why so many companies have gotten their start with natural deodorant like this company Lovemyselforganics their product are natural and far more healthier in my opinion than what is Sold in the market stores.
And the nice thing about an all natural deodorant you know you are getting fresh ingredients that you actually know the names of the ingredient list. 
Not to mention this Company, sales non fragrances and fragrance.  
This Company fragrances, Are always natural smelling in their collections , I personally love that they work and they don't cause your body any harm. Now of course some people have reaction to baking soda used in products. I do if it's not measured right. 
I had No bad reaction to this companies products. They are well made and well thought out ingredients. 
This Company has all Natural Organic products! 

They are Aluminum free, gluten free, vegan, cruelty free deodorant. 
They have a lavender blend scent, sandalwood blend scent and an unscented stick. You can't go wrong with any of these deodorants, And If the deodorants wasn't the star of this company products. 
They also have a roll on perfume. That is natural and organic and Amazing. Everyone in the office Loved this roll on perfume so much, It smells different on everyone that has tried it here. It reacts to your own body oils. Everyone here keeps using it. So it has gotten a lot of uses and lot of love. 
It has Essential oils plus The freshest and most natural alcohol free perfume roll on on the market. DEEPLY - AN ALCOHOL FREE, JASMINE BLEND THAT IS GOOD FOR THE MIND, BODY & SOUL Scented with essential oils to detox the body while soothing and calming the skin. INGREDIENTS: Organic, Cold-Pressed Fractionated Coconut Oil, Natural Essential Oil Blend ALCOHOL FREE NON-GMO GLUTEN FREE 100% VEGAN NO ANIMAL TESTING Unlike synthetic fragrances, which smell identical on each person, Deeply perfume oil roll on interacts with the body’s natural oils, creating a unique scent that adds a whole dimension to the experience of wearing perfume. Apply over wrists, neck and pulse points as desired. Stainless steel roller ball applicator for an even and sensual delivery.

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