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Monday, March 7, 2016

C35X RETINOL SERUM SONICLEAR ELITE @MichaelToddUSA #Skincare #Organic #BloggersBlast #AnimalFree #matureskin

The moment wrinkles and fine lines creep in we all start running for anti aging creams and serum, hoping to erase them all, as soon as possible. Well, the fact of the matter is all those aging sign on our face and neck, do need special attention with all natural organic healthy ingredients. Like Michael Todd company has done their homework to help all skin types and skin issue. All you have to do is check any magazine to know many people are starting to use Retinol and Vitamin C and hyaluronic acids etc.. and also Retin for their skin!! I really don't know how I feel about having a prescription of the most used Retin yet!! But I do know I really like more Natural Organic products such as this Company Michael Todd line of products are... they help keep the skin more youthful without having to use any chemicals etc. and to me that is a good thing.
I found that by using this C35X Vitamin C plus Retinol Complex to have a nice effect of rejuvenating the skin to become more brighter much more even toned with smoother all around texture. I personally like to use this C35X at night after exfoliating with my Soniclear Elite Michael Todd skincare brush is the best deep cleansing brush I have used. By the way when using this Soniclear Skincare machine. You are allowing your skin to take the serum in much better, But Don't push to hard on the skin. Just let the circular brush head do its magic. Some people like to try to rush through the cleaning and exfoliating of their skin, not the best idea In my opinion it is better to let it glide on the skin in a circular motion. I am a huge fan of this Soniclear Brush, You will see amazing results in your skin as you make this part of your overnight cleansing routine, You will improve the look and feel of your skin without any chemicals.. it also helps that the brush is antimicrobial, That was a pet peeve on my older facial brushes, the bacteria that would live on them yucky, Not the case with Soniclear, In my opinion everyone needs to start using this Soniclear brush to help keep the skin exfoliate and youthful by turning over those nasty aging cells overnight,  Well this review is not about the skincare Soniclear but it works AMAZING!! so I knew I had to tell you what I use every night to clean my skin..
On to how I personally apply the C35X at night, when my skin is clean and bit damp. I apply this amazing serum for the night. I really like how my skin is more radiate looking and much more plumped and smoother and firmer. 
I know we all dread the way the skin start to loose firmness or luster as we age, But please don't fall into the hype that only plastic surgery will turn back the clock. I personally believe if you eat right and stay fit, drink water daily, and cut out tanning beds, smoking, drinking and all other bad habits that will dry out the skin and age it faster and cause issues. and of course the environment and free radicals have a lot to do with it.. you should start using natural healthy product with good ingredients such as Michael Todd products seem to be. Well in all fairness I am only basing my opinion and review on the Soniclear facial brush and the C35X RETINOL SERUM But so far I am impressed and like the results I see. I think by using this Soniclear facial brush is a huge step in the right direction to turn back the skin to be more firmer and better exfoliated. I know It can be frustrating when you’re excited to try a new skincare product but it doesn’t live up to the hype right away. But believe me using the finest natural ingredients will prove results. Sometimes the skin gets worse before it gets better. Having said that, I didn't have any problem with Michael Todd C35X Vitamin C plus Retinol Complex. Always remember to protect your skin with a good organic natural sunscreen when using Retinol products. I know they can be a little hard to find, because most of the sunscreens sold in the stores have junk fillers in them, As you continue to use this product. You will notice the pores get smaller, I don't have any dark hyperpigmention but I would have to assume that the Vitamins C and Retinol and other ingredients will start to fade them out. This Fast acting rejuvenating serum combining key ingredients retinol and concentrated vitamin C. Helps renew and protect for a brighter, smoother and more even toned complexion. Works to boost cellular turnover to diminish the appearance of age-related dark spots, enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles. I say try it for yourself and see the difference in your skin. I also have another pet peeve, when they get all these models that are showing their faces for anti aging products and they are so darn young like maybe 20 or they have full makeup on, Seriously if you are going to show how a product works use the right age category for the products.. I am showing my pic for that reason no touch ups just after using the Soniclear brush and the serum. But I am not in my 20s anymore far from it, I have mature skin, and trust me I am not photogenic, But just wanted to show a real photo untouched. All my readers know I never sugar coat any products. I do believe you will see results with both of these products I mentioned.. But again this is my opinion of Michael Todd Soniclear and C35X Vitamin C plus Retinol Complex. Hope to bring you lots more from Michael Todd Company. Never to late to start using these products. Take advance of the discount code if you want too. 

And for the Guys Michael Todd has a Soniclear Elite for men 

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I am not in my 20s anymore far from it, I have mature skin, and trust me I am not photogenic, But just wanted to show a real photo untouched as mentioned above


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 1. Soniclear has antimicrobial protection built into the brush heads that guards against 99% of bacteria formation. No other brand has this. 2. Soniclear’s brushes last 6 months. Other brands only last 3 months 3. Soniclear comes with a 5 year warranty. Other brands come with a 3 year or less warranty 4. Soncilear has an ergonomically designed handle with soft hand grips. Other brands don’t. 5. Soniclear is fully submergible/water proof. Other brands are merely water resistant 6. Soniclear has color coded accessories. Other brands do not. The major difference between the Michael Todd Eraser Infusion Device and the Clarisonic Opal is that the Michael Todd Eraser has 3 infusion technologies and the Clarisonic Opal only has one. Clarisonic Opal has sonic technology. Michael Todd Eraser has sonic, ionic and thermal technologies. 3 verse 1. Also the MT device has built in Smart Technology to turn on automatically when you’re the ion head touches the skin. This keeps the product on the tip and doesn’t shake it off before it reaches your skin. Other brands do not have this feature.