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Showing posts with label Card ninja pocket @TheCardNinja #phones #smartphones #technogadgets #IphoneWallet #AndroidWallet. Show all posts

Monday, December 7, 2015

Card ninja pocket @TheCardNinja #phones #smartphones #technogadgets #IphoneWallet #AndroidWallet

Card Ninja, well what will they think of next!! Yes, this is one those ideas, you think why didn't I think of this :) clever idea for sure. Easy Peasy to install just clean the back on your techno device,  peel the back off of the Card Ninja, line it up and attach it. It is made of stretchy fabric In a rectangle shape!! and then insert a card or money to stay safe until you need it in the Stretchy fabric. It is very well made and stays put on the back of your techno gadgets!! I had No problem with this working. It works just like it was designed to do. Now as far as how long it will last. Who knows. But I can tell you I have been using it for about two weeks now. With No problems at all. I added my business cards in the Card Ninja, Great for gym membership card, and so much more. You know we always carry our smart phones with us. 
These cardninja  come in a variety of colors and patterns. Such as these ones. Please note it can be removed. But it will leave a bit of residue on your phone. But that is Easy Peasy to remove with rubbing alcohol. So go out and slap a card ninja on your techno devices :)

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