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Friday, January 22, 2016

Chalk board Labels 48 Count with 4 Liquid Markers

How fun you will have using these!! These Chalkboard Labels, comes with 48 reusable chalkboard labels in various shapes and sizes!! These markers needs to be shook for about 30 seconds, and pushed down until the Chalk ink comes through. When using the first time, for it to finally come down and be readable on the black chalk label, all directions for use our included when you receive yours!! They peel off of the paper very easy peasy to use. I used mine on labeling my mason jars. Just let it dry complete, fast drying.  We have these store that sales many items in bulk. The problem with that is, they come in a plastic bag with a twisted paper label with a number. So if you don't use them right away you will forget what is in the bag lol Now these Chalkboard Labels are going to make it so much easier for me!! When I go to grab grains, flours, coconut flour, almonds, keen wa Raw honey, etc. I now can label my jars and Bags and know what is in them and date them, and when I decide to change the content inside my mason jar or bag!! This Liquid Chalk Markers is easy to remove!! I can start to write a new label. Reusable you can erase and write on them over and over. How freaking sweet is that?? Instant Label liquid Markers is so handy and easier to use without the mess of chalk and we all know how Chalk can get all over the place, right? so for that reason and many others i love these. in this pack of Chalkboard Labels you will get a BONUS, FOUR liquid chalk markers, Time to label everything, they stick on almost all flat surfaces  

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