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Monday, November 19, 2012

Dream Water Giveaway

Dream water, I am going to tell you something amazing about this product. So sit back and get ready to learn about dream water. Lets get into the company info. How this all started,

Christmas Bear Time

The Dream Water® guys stayed up all night… so you don’t have to. They embarked on a journey to perfect a natural formula for a sleep and relaxation water – the first of its kind – that would not only taste great but also have zero calories. The result is Dream Water®, a new and exciting lightly flavored shot with natural relaxation effects.

Like the approximately *70 million other Americans who suffer from sleep issues, the founders of Dream Water® found themselves counting sheep on sleepless nights, skeptical of the potentially harmful effects and addictive chemicals found in most sleep-aid solutions. It was then that they decided to put all that extra time awake to good use.

*More effective than counting sheep, Dream Water® contains three natural ingredients that should occasionally help transport you to a sound and restful sleep, including GABAMelatoninand 5-HTP (Tryptophan) to help one relax.

Manufactured by Dream Products, LLC, Dream Water® is available in a 2.5 oz. shot (perfect for long plane rides!) in the great-tasting flavors Lullaby Lemon w/ hints of teaSnoozeberry(blueberry and pomegranate flavors) and Pineapple PM

Now here my take on these dream water, I believe that first and foremost its very important to get a good night sleep, For many reason. Such as your bodies way of renewing its self, Not to mention less stress etc. Your body has its own melatonin, But as you age your body gets depleted from melatonin.This is where Dream Water Can help in a natural way. Because melatonin is a natural sleep aid for some. Where Dream Water has more in it than just melatonin, If your body doesn't make a lot of melatonin you are not going to sleep well, But combining the ingredients that Dream Water has the 5- HTP and the GABA with the melatonin. Your body will start to relax and you will drift off to a good night sleep. Now I have been trying this Dream Water and I can say it does give you a pleasant night sleep, Without any grogginess or effects of still being tired. I woke up feeling refreshed from a good night sleep. I am happy to say it doesn't contain aspartame. Because I am not a fan of that. Now what I would like for you do know it has a taste that you might have to acquire. Its not bad taste but some will like and some wont, For me I found the best way to make it taste better was when it came out of the refrigerator, But I do recommended it for a good night sleep. Dream Water claims to help you relax and fall asleep, I agree with them in that, The bottle size is a 2.5 ounce cute small bottle. What I like about this Dream Water is that you cant get hooked on this because its an natural sleep aid, Big plus there, because I am not a fan of mends at all so if its all natural I feel better taking it. So I recommend you give it a try.
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*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.

Big congrats to my winner, Janette Adams Rupple Thank you all who entered, More giveaways coming. Check back and I still have giveaway going, Find them in my giveaway tab at the top of my blog xo
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