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Saturday, November 26, 2016

ELF & Influenster Play Beautifully Review #elfcosmetics #elfskincaretips @elfcosmetics @influenster

ELF & Influenster Play Beautifully Review:

Bubble Mask, When I first heard about Bubble mask it was on a Koren site. I was however very interested to try the New ElF Bubble Mask. 
I tried it and family members tried it also. We found it to be a very easy mask to apply and to remove it. 
Things you will notice is the Bubble Mask is Cleared when applied to Clean Damp Skin. It starts forming up right away! It is to be left on 5 to 10 minutes. It does have an interesting itching kinda of feel. 
But not like an annoying itching feel. It just when Bubbles are foaming up and going away. They kind of tickle your face!! You will know what I mean when you try it! 
Then just rub the rest of the Mask into your skin and rinse off. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer. 
The forming is because it is cleaning your pours out. 
I do recommend you try a Bubble Mask out for yourself. To see what you think. It is different than a cream or peel off mask. 
The Primer is good, I have used this for a while now, it works to make your foundation look more flawless, it does a good job at controlling your shine on your face, your skin will look smooth and nice and glowing.
Baked Highlighter & Bronzer is a win win for me, with Holidays Coming this is just the right amount of shimmer to wear, It is light but effective. Nice purses size compact to carry around. It glides right on to your skin. Pretty colors. 
Matte Lip Color Wine, I like it is a very vivid lip pigment color, love that it is a matte color, the consistency is very nice. does dry my lips out, like some matte do. its more of a creamy base, so your lips stay hydrated, always a plus there. It also has its own pencil sharper on the end built in.
Lip Exfoliator, this lip exfoliator works good to take away the dry dead skin off your lips, and because it comes in this handy little lipstick tube, makes it easy to remove and easy to carry around in your makeup bag.

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