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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Lime 5in Santoku

Ceramic Lime 5in Santoku

The Ceramic Lime Santoku comprises a santoku style blade famous for its "three virtues": slicing, dicing and mincing. The ceramic blade stays sharp for years without sharpening. In addition to its innovative design, a daring lime green rubber handle provides an exciting feel to the ceramic foundation. The Lime Santoku has been expertly engineered for slicing and chopping vegetables such as crisp courgettes, delicious cherry tomatoes, and is also highly suited for preparing sushi. Each knife forms part of a limited edition series of 999 pieces.
5in Santoku slice and dice knife

Edge of Belgravia
A little about info 

At Edge of Belgravia we pioneer exclusively designed chef knives to achieve prominent placement in kitchens all over the world. Based in distinguished Belgravia, London, our cutting-edge design team work diligently to produce bold, confident, contemporary culinary works of art. Without compromise, we strive to achieve excellence in quality, design and composition. 
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In this collection of Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Knifes, I received the 5 inch Santoku, Its a sharp knife and slices and dices very nice. The blade is made of zirconium oxide its a strong blade.This 5in Santoku knife blade is build to last and stay sharp for years of use, without need for sharpening, As most people know that a slice and dice knife made of ceramic is hard blade. But also have to treat them for cutting the right stuff, You wouldn't want to use this knife lets say for cutting chicken bones or any bones, You would probably mess this knife up if you cut frozen meats etc. I like the knife for what its meant to use it for slice and dice veggies,Cut right through tomatoes, I put it through the test with slicing veggies and even seen how well it would slice homemade bread I made, Not what this knife is for but it worked. I think the knife is good has a nice grip to it, easy on the hands and fit right into most people kitchen has style. Time will tell how long this ceramic blade will remain sharp. You want to wash your knifes by hand and dry them and put them away, No dishwasher. Myself I have always liked a full blade of stainless Steel, I have always used them, But for a knife with a style and slice and dice knife, you cant go wrong buying from Edge of Belgravia I recommend you check them out, It comes in its own magnetic closer black box. Nice touch, They do sale many knifes as seen here 

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