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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Olēva Face, Eye, Lip Mask Review #olevaplus #sephora #lipmask #eyemask #blackmask #08L #08liter

Olēva Face, Eye, Lip Mask Review: 

These Olēva come in a nice looking storage box! What comes in box, It contains Masks, with 3 Lolly Pretty Pink Lips Masks, 3 Total Solution Bio-cellulose Eye Mask, and 3 Oxygen Moisturizing Black Masks. All three masks have moisturizing anti aging properties, and in time will get rid of fine lines with anti-aging ingredients in them. Great, all around for mature Skin. 
Lip mask, is loaded with fruit extracts, That will help keep the lips plum and youthful, many powerhouse ingredients in this lip mask. easy to apply gel lip mask, on clean lips, place it on your lips and kinda move it where you want it. I waited 5 minutes, it says wait three to five minutes. So I went the longest time frame. I also just used water to clean the lips from any gel left behind, You also can use toner if you want to. All and all I think this Lip mask is a amazing one. Having coconut oil, rose, and Castor Oil, Makes those lips soft and kissable. 
The Black Fiber Face Mask, You apply to clean face and you can massage the mask to release its essence, With the fibers it adheres to the face nicely. Then just wait for about 15 to 30 minutes, I only went 5 minutes, I wasn't to much of a fan of this Face mask, For a few reason, Biggest one being it does contain Parabens, and on our delicate skin I stay away from Parabens Products. So No pics because I didn't leave it on. 
Eye mask, are always nice to relax on your eyes, very easy to use on clean eyes, Just peel and place on the eyes. Leave on 15 to 30 minutes, It does have some very nice ingredients. But It was a picture perfect moment, Because I don't like Dimethicone on my delicate eye skin. 
However I am not a fan of Dimethicone and this product has Dimethicone, It is the second and third ingredient on the list, I understand companies use Dimethicone because it has good slip action and shelf life. However there are better ingredient's to use that would do the same thing, Ones that are much more natural in my opinion 
All and all hands down my favorite was.. the Baby lips Mask, By Olēva, I didn't see any Paraben and Dimethicone in the Lip Mask, and it did make my lips feel very luscious and very soft. So that is my favorite one out of these mask. Thank you and Olēva 

Olēva Face, Eye, Lip Mask Review  #olevaplus #sephora #lipmask #eyemask #blackmask #08L #08liter 

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