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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fashion FLEXY Giveaway Valentine Day Blingy Heart

Have you heard of this fabulous company called Fashion FLEXY, They have this fabulous Heart for an amazing Valentine Gift, Your sweetie would love this sweet gift, It can be used for a bracelet, hair accessories and so much more, Calling this your number #1 gift for your babe, She will be blown away with all the sparkle on this Fashion Flexy Heart, Seriously don't wait to get this on your list of gifts for that special someone in your life, She will treasure and love this gift for ever, These Fashion FLEXY are made to last, And so many uses, Just check out the fabulous Bling This flirty puffy heart has Lt. Rose Swarovski, It comes in its own little sweet heart box for your sweetie, OK lets go to la la land awe pics. 

PUFFY HEART Lt. Rose Pave': Blingy Single FLEXYs®

If you heart hearts, you'll fall in love with our "Flirty" Puffy Hearts.  Lt. Rose Swarovski® pave' Puffy Heart Charm (about 3/4" diameter).   FLEXYs®... In form of a slider on Solid or Funky Metallic Hair Tie (Ponytail)/Bracelet FLEXY®.  (Match w/ Earrings,Necklaces & Baubled Bobbies.)
Add mini Heart-shaped box (2 1/2" w & h, acrylic) as perfect gift for your loved one for $3 extra!  
Click drop-down to buy Hair Tie/Bracelet &/or Heart Box.
Comes w/ plantable paper tag that grows wildflowers!  Alert us @ check-out, if you prefer our To: ___ From: ___ plantable paper gift tag.  

Lt. Rose Swarovsk Puffy Heart, Beautiful Sparkle 

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Here some other good news this is your lucky day, Because this is also a Giveaway, I know sweet deal. 

                                         Courtesy of Leezette's Fashion FLEXY• and Haute Things, Inc

Here the link to all their Flirty Hearts Collection 

Now time to win her heart over and check them out today, Love is in the Flirty Heart Collection 

*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.

Giveaway Good Luck, Giveaway Ends Feb 2 xoxo 

Big congrats to my winner of the, Winner was chosen Random, Need to hear from winner xoxo

Courtesy of Leezette's Fashion FLEXY• and Haute Things, Inc

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