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Showing posts with label Gadget Grab #techno #iphone #phones #tablets #technogadgets #amazon #bloggerreview. Show all posts

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gadget Grab #techno #iphone #phones #tablets #technogadgets #amazon #bloggerreview

I found this techno Gadget Grab holder to be very durable and holds your techno gadgets with good suction. as well as small and easy to take with you anywhere!! I found this to be very useful for many reason. But my biggest reason was to hold my iPad  when I am reading recipes for making yummy foods! Hands down it works for me lol I also like that it comes with two sizes, one Small for phones, or readers, the others Large for iPads, and it seems to stick to most flat surfaces. Big plus for me is that I did not have to remove my iPhone 6 battery case or iPad Cover. It stuck right to it, works for conveniently mounting smart phones and more. Just stick your device near the surface and it instantly stick securely in place. can mount on most textured surfaces such as tabletops for maximum visibility. This holder comes with a high-resilience sticky-gel silicone suction that can safely secure itself on most surfaces, Where some other suction cups fail on that, making this powerful to mounts your techno gadget on!! Position all your device at the perfect angle, Works both ways from upright position to landscape view. sticks on pads both ways!! Easy installation, easy peasy holder can be good for use in homes, or office allows you to place your device at any angle for convenient viewing. Sticky-gel pads with a gel coating mounts on any non-porous textured surface!! You can just wash the sticky pad with soap and water!! and just let it air dry, I personally just reused the plastic that came on it,  It does not leave a sticky residue on your device, Big huge plus there!!! Compatible with most phones and tablets etc 
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