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Saturday, December 8, 2012

GIVEAWAY Squishable Sugar Glider or your choice

OMG, Have you heard of this company products Sqishable? These have to be the softest pets I have felt. This cute ball of the softest and cuddly fur, Whats not to love here? Seriously when I took sugar glider out of the box and felt the Sqishable fur. Ya I was where have you been all my life, Freaking so cute. My kids love it. 


My house is always busy with neighbor kids over and my kids playing cards and video games etc, This sugar glider from Squishable Has made a big hit here, I think this sugar glider has been held so many times with in the last three days, I just received him. My Hubie said this little guys almost being treated as a newborn. You know how newborn babies are held all the time. Well, sugar glider if it could talk it would tell you, I love my new home. Because we love Squishable Sugar glider, And trust me they have many different kinds and you too will fall in love with them. They will make every day a happy day, Smile stress free, Just look at that cute face,  xoxo

Here some info about this company 
Chief Squishers Zoe and Aaron started Squishable in 2007 after deciding that plush was much more interesting than working in tech. The products were much cuter, the people were nicer, and folks didn't mind as much when you broke into uncontrollable giggles (something that's not acceptable, say, when analyzing someone's server security). These days we work out of NYC bringing Squishy joy to the world! Wanna say hi? Contact us!
Tell Me More!
Sure! We love the world - it's where we keep our stuff! So we're dedicated to making it a better place. We advertise mostly with webcomics and other artists to help support their work, and we donate every month to a charity for each picture we receive from our users. And every little while we auction off our prototypes for charity too! You can find more information in Squishable Philanthropy! Indeed!  


Zoe, Aaron, Beth, Melissa & Russell running! They are giant round fuzzy stuffed animals, Hug Them!
New York City and Michigan ·
What a smart group of people here. To start Squishable
Here a collection of some more of these cute Animals called 

 instructions on how to clean a Squishable.



*disclaimer: I received these products free for the purposes of review. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated for a positive review. Your opinions may vary from mine.

Here some more good news, This company is allowing me to giveaway one of your choice from Squishable A  7" or 15"  

You Don't want to miss this giveaway, Trust me 
Contest RUNS 12/9 12/23 Good Luck, Tell all of your friend to enter, xoxo 

Big congrats to Melissa, You are the winner of the Squishable. Need info from you, You won  Giveaway 

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