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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Zest kit French Press Coffee Tea Makers 1 Liter 34 oz, Heat Resistant Glass and Stainless Steel #Coffee #Teas

French Press Coffee Stainless Steel maker, amazing little glass container and plunger, If you have never seen or tried one before? You need to try one out, I was actually pleasantly surprised how great tasting my coffee came out with a nice robust flavor, Plus how good my tea tasted, I tried a variety of drinks in this french press maker. It is very easy peasy to use, You determine how rich you want your coffee or tea to be, By putting the amount of coffee grounds or tea leaves in the glass container, and how much water you want determine the strength of the coffee and tea, And how you leave it sits etc. 
For instance I added 4 Spoons of coffee grounds to the Glass french press maker, Then I put in 2 cups of the water. I let it sit for about 4 minutes, with the top on, but didn't push down the plunger until the 4 minutes was up. Then you push down the plunger slowly keeping it going down straight for the grounds will sink to the bottom of the glass container. and Ooh La La you have amazing robust tasty good yummy coffee beverage, I can see this being used in my house for those nice calm sit down days. Or just anytime use!!  I even tried making hot cocoa and black tea together, Oh heck yeah very yummy. If you want to add cream or wild honey or sugar in the Glass container before you plunge it, you can do that it will be all mixed up. One other thing I mixed up the ground with a plastic spoon.. Recommend you use plastic or wooden. Before putting on the lid and then waited the 4 minutes. It is very easy to clean up, I just rinsed mine out and ran the filter under the water, However it can be put in the dishwasher. I just set it on my drying mat. The water temperature does not need to be boiling hot. The glass container is heat resistant Glass and Stainless Steel..  I actually just heated it in the microwave in a glass measuring cup for about three minutes. It was plenty hot to pour over the coffee grounds and tea leaves. NO Coffee Grounds or Tea Leaves went in my Coffee Cup yay!! 
A FRESHER BREW: A classic brew for coffee lovers. Brew up to 1 liter of fresh tea leaves or frothy, bold, dark coffee that single-serve brewers cannot replicate. HEAT RESISTANT: Features durable borosilicate heat-resistant glass to hold in the heat of your beverage without burning your hands. DISHWASHER SAFE: Designed with dishwasher-safe material for effortless cleaning and maintenance. EASY USE: Simple, quiet and non-electric. Cozy up with the perfect brew at home or take it along to your next camping trip. 

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