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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Holistic Medicine For #Women's Health #SharingisCaring #Healthyliving #Kindle #amazon

Holistic Medicine For Women's Health: Fighting Some Of Her Most Common Ailments (Kindle Edition) Holistic Medicine For Women's Health: 

Fighting Some Of Her Most Common Ailments Kindle Edition. It is always in your best interest to go natural and organic for many health issue. In my opinion this book covers a lot of basic health issue. That your MD Dr. Usually does not talk to you about other methods of trying to take the edge off of your pain. The MD Dr's today are more about putting you on pills for your issue. When actually those pills have many bad side effects to them. Making your problem a lot worse!! Than it needs to be... Now it is true some natural and Organic remedies. May have some reactions. But nothing like a pharmacy pills have!! I know many want a quick fix to their health issue. and the true fact is any natural organic holistic remedies, Take time to work. But you also need to get moving more!! Like taking baby steps a little at a time brings more energy to your body!! But this book touches on ways to improve your over all health :) for you are not having to take one pill for this health issue and another to back it up when it gives you headaches etc. I personally agree with what I have read in this book. Their is so much more little things you can do to improve a long life. Of Living without pain. True some people just need some meds for health issue. But for the most part natural or organic could help much better!! The health problem that are mentioned is this book. Could certainly improve those health issue if you follow this author book info, and learn a much more natural approach to taking better care of your health. I received this FREE For review purpose!! and I do recommend you read it to start a new chapter of getting healthy xoxo 

A Holistic Approach To Women's Health Issues This is a reference book for all women and the men who love them. Little Girl Finally, there's a book devoted to women's health issues. And to make matters even better, it promotes a holistic approach to healing and prevention, eliminating the need for pharmaceuticals and their pesky side effects. This book reveals a multitude of startling facts that some of you may not be aware of. For example, there's a food additive that's in a lot of what we eat and drink, and it's doing serious harm to us and our children. Find out what it is and how it is adversely affecting our health ( Page 7 ). So you think there's nothing you can do about the aging process ? You just accept the inevitable Right ? Wrong ! You can live a long healthy, high quality of life well past 100. And I don't mean sitting in a wheelchair all bent over in a nursing home. I mean walking upright and enjoying an active healthy life. Turn to ( Page 8 ) for the details. If you have ever suffered from a yeast infection or you know someone who has, you are aware of how serious it can become. Plus the symptoms are so numerous and vary in complexity they are often misdiagnosed by mainstream professionals. Become aware of the gravity of this ailment and how to fight it naturally ( Page 13 ). Periodically your body needs to undergo a cleansing process. Over time your body is exposed to a variety of environmental pollutants. Every time you inhale, you draw trace amounts of airborne pollutants into your system. Over time those pollutants begin to accumulate presenting potentially harmful effects to your immune system. To prevent this from happening you should periodically cleanse your system. It's called detoxification. Get the details on the most efficient, natural way to perform a detoxification process (Page 16). The joy of a sexual encounter is indescribable. The union of two people in a magnificent display of passion is indescribable. Finding out you have contracted the Herpes Virus as a result of that encounter and experiencing the physical and emotional pain will also be indescribable. Find out what to do if this ever happens to someone you know (Page 20). Learn about a holistic breakthrough for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. Scientists from the island nation of Japan are well versed in marine research. Find out what they discovered with regards to the treatment of Fibromyalgia ( Page 22 ). If you are having pain in the pelvic area before or during menses and continuing throughout the menstrual cycle, you may have a condition called Endometriosis. Find out how to address this issue on ( Page 24 ). Heart attack, a man's problem Right ? It used to be, but not anymore. Women are now having the same amount of heart attacks as men. But a woman's symptoms are vastly different from those of a man. Women seldom have the traditional chest pains and left arm numbness men experience. A woman's symptoms are totally different. This book will alert you to the symptoms a woman should be looking for. There are also symptoms that will alert you of an impending attack ( Page 30 ). Read on and you will be advised of supplements that can prevent breast tumors from spreading and supplements with the ability to change malignant cells back to healthy cells ( Page 42 ). Also there are supplements that can stop the flow of blood to cancerous tumors causing them to shrink and ultimately die. There are numerous ailments that effect women. Some are life threatening while others adversly effect your quality of life. Now you can have a handy reference book that addresses many of those ailments. This book is now available on Amazon's Kindle and other electronic readers.

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