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Friday, December 26, 2014

Know your Body Type #Men and #Women

Know your Body Type 

Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs

Every individual is different, and there is no doubt about that; however, speaking about body types, people can be broadly divided into three categories, namely ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs. There are a number of people who may be combinations of these and therefore do not fall into a single category; but even in these cases, one type tends to predominate. Knowing your body type is very important because this can help you to chalk out a perfect diet plan as well as an appropriate exercise schedule for yourself. An ectomorph is basically a person who finds it very difficult to gain weight, in spite of being a voracious eater. Ectomorphic individuals are flat-chested beings who are pretty fragile in appearance and frail in build. They have small shoulders and need to put in double the efforts as compared to others to add some extra muscle mass to their bony frame. These people have long and slender limbs and have a tendency to stoop when walking. Their face appears to be chiseled with sharp features, while their skin is delicate and oversensitive. A mesomorphic body is something that anyone would wish for because these are the lucky guys who can gain or lose weight as per their whims and fancies. All that they need to do is alter their diet and modify their exercise regimen. A mesomorph has a typical athletic build with an enviable muscle mass. Regular workouts are known to bless them with rippling muscles that could intimidate anyone. They tend to have that ‘don’t-mess -with-me’ kind of attitude and are infamous for throwing their weight around everywhere. Their skin is tough; and hair, rough. Endomorphs are soft-bodied souls who are fair, fat, and flabby. These poor chaps don’t really eat all that much, but still tend to get all-rounded because of their body’s sluggish basal metabolic rate. They gain weight very easily but find it very difficult to shed those pounds. If these people lead disciplined lives, eating the right stuff and exercising daily, they can become muscular rather than plump. Endomorphic individuals are known to have large and globular heads to match their rotund figure. On the whole, they look like overgrown babies.